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About our Partners

To get any job done well you need to know how to work with the best people in their field. We love those who are highly professional, and a pleasure to work with. We are delighted to share our partners with you.


Bricklayer Productions for China


China, film, fashion & music videos - if you are thinking of working in China you need to know Tommie Curran and Joewi Verhoeven from Bricklayer Productions. With excellent experience of delivering beautiful work for brands such as Sony Music and Prada, and both educated at the Beijing Film Academy, you will be in good hands.

Tommie, Edo, Construction & Gina 3 Buddi

Fantomline Pictures for Editing and Post Production.


Based in Whitechapel, London, Fantomeline Pictures offers a range of services to the Film, TV and music industry. Providing pictures solutions from out of the camera to delivery we offer DIT on set, London based cutting rooms and archiving services. We can link together services that are often provided by multiple suppliers, whilst streamlining the process and making life easier for our clients.


FANTOMELINE PICTURES started up in Newcastle Upon Tyne as a post production company and quickly grew into one of the leading houses in the region. On the cusp of the digital roll out we moved into providing whole solutions: ingesting/ processing/ cutting/ grading/ delivering. As our projects grew we relocated our central office to London however we provide our services nationwide and internationally.


We have a core team of in house staff and a strong roster of freelancers to meet the needs of any project.

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