Benefits of Membership

When you are ready to take the next step in developing your business, it’s time to join D-Media Network as a Member.

There are 2 types of membership to D-Media, Community Membership and Full Membership.

As a Community Member you can get you access to our Online Community where you can connect with like minded professionals, profile yourself and your business, watch select video blogs and keynote talks from D-Media events and join online special interest groups to discuss and take action on the big issues that are affecting your business.

Community membership will also get you:

• entry in our Who’s Who Digital Media Directory (currently in development)
• personal introductions to our Digital Media Solutions companies
• opportunities to be involved in international markets to showcase your business
• Discounts on D-Media Partners Events

• access to our Top Up Benefits(2), including:

• Bespoke company ‘Growth plans’ with D-Media Ambassadors.
• Specialist market intelligence – access to unique market data showing the key international markets for your industry sector, their value, and rate of growth.
• IP Valuation – understand what your company is worth and how IP is valued
• D-Media industry networking and information events
• And in the future… posting jobs and projects direct to the D-Media website.

Community Membership costs £50 + VAT per annum.
Sign up Now and receive 2 extra months to your yearly membership.

On top of these benefits, as a Full Member included in your package you also receive:


List of Full Member benefits here:


  • Profile your business through the enhanced directory entry – currently under development.
  • Your Member News and Events to be publicised on the homepage and in the newsletter
  • Personal time with the D-Media team to ensure you are meeting the right people for your business, getting the right information and making the most out of the network.


  • Free entry to D-Media Events
  • Priority Booking and 50% Discounted Rate at the D-Media Global Conference
  • Invitations to be involved in bespoke international trade missions customized to member specific needs.


  • Participation in Special Interest Groups such as ‘Access to Finance’
  • Access to D-Media Video Archive to see full versions of select video blogs and keynote talks from D-Media events


  • Access to D-Media Online Community where you can join online forums and groups around special interest subjects




…and soon to come….


  • ‘Stand Out’ company profile in our Who’s Who Digital Media Directory
  • Free postings on Projects and Jobs boards.




Full Membership cost are dependent on company size (measured by number of employees)

Individuals: £1,450 +VAT per annum
2-10 Employees: £1,950 +VAT per annum
11-50 Employees: £4,850 +VAT per annum
50-100 Employees: £8,950 +VAT per annum
101-250 Employees: £12,750 +VAT per annum
250+ Employees: £75,000 +VAT per annum

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