European Digital Think Tank


D-Media is a founder member of The European Digital Think Tank working with partners in Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Paris, Finland and Rome . 

The EU digital Think Tank comprises a “core group” of leading European Digital Cultural and Creative Industries (CCIs) clusters: Barcelona MediaBerlin “Project Future”Cap Digital ParisDigibusiness FinlandFILAS RomeIIP Create of the Netherlands and D-Media Network UK.

Non-cluster organisations are admitted as associate members, if they are deemed to offer relevant industry expertise and access, for example research institutes, facilitators, and funding specialists.

The group’s strategic principle is to support the growth of innovative CCI SMEs and to maintain collaborative freedom, creativity, flexibility and continuity in responding to the needs of its members on a national and European level. Alongside close involvement of its members with EC Creative Industry organizations and funded projects, the Think Tank emphasizes its role as a long-term, independent industry platform, which can integrate the results of individual European collaborative projects to produce sustainable and structural trans-national value.