D-Media Global Conference

29 – 30 March 2011

BAFTA – London

The future of digital entertainment is being shaped by new distribution platforms, new methods of payment, and new consumer patterns of behavior. Digital technology has broken down vertical silos of creative activity spawning threats and opportunity in equal measure. Those who ‘get it’ will be the next generation of media players.

This event is held in partnership with SEMN, Screen South, North Sea Screen Partnership, UKTI, IC Tomorrow, Ravensbourne, SEEDA, TIGA, Intellect, Onedigital and the European Digital Think Tank.

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What will happen at the D-Media conference?

D-Media is the conference enabling delegates to exploit and capitalize on the emerging convergence of media, content, games, telecoms, software and IT . D-Media will provide you with the opportunity to get connected to those at the forefront of the digital age. Together, we will look to the future, examine innovative ways of working and explore the power of digital media to inspire the world.

Speakers and Delegates at the conference will come together to experience 2 days of stimulating sessions encompassing the digital media world; from the role of robots in media to new glasses-free 3D lenticular screens for cinema; and the next media sensation – all through the lens of “how to generate an income!”..

To complement these sessions we will also be hosting:

  • a ‘Digital Fairground’ – an innovative exciting demos based trade fair running throughout the conference, open to all conference delegates and showcasing some of the most exciting technology being produced right now
  • pitches from shortlisted film-lead Digital Inventions generated at an earlier Screen South Digital Inventions Lab, with the North Sea Screen Partnership, and winner announcement
  • D-Media Awards Dinner to select the recipient of the emerging talent D-Media Chrysalis Award: for invited conference guests, and in addition a number of tickets have been set aside for optional purchase
  • 40 entrepreneurs will be pitching their innovations to a panel of judges; the likes of Sony Music, Beggars, Faber & Faber, Fremantle and Crytek games, in the final of the Technology Strategy Board’s IC tomorrow digital innovation contest.
  • the opportunity throughout the conference for one-to-one meetings with conference speakers and experts in Innovation, Finance and Markets from around the world: this will include UK Trade and Invest representatives available to provide international market intelligence in the ‘Global Village’.

Key themes will include:

  • Production – multi-partner projects; lowering production costs
  • Distribution – the tech changes to come; get your own stuff out; new revenue streams
  • Money – how to make it; how to find it; how to invest it
  • Data is beautiful – making sense of data
  • Markets – global opportunities; new markets – healthcare…edutainment..
  • The Big Society – How to change the world, and make a living!

Why attend?

The conference will provide the ideal discussion forum for current success stories, cutting-edge thinkers and key decision makers in digital media, film, television, games, music, e-publishing and mobile content providers to come together for two days of discussion and debate, defining challenges and reaching potential solutions.

  • See how to liberate the cash – new revenue streams explained from those who have done it
  • Find the funds – Money – Investors – Grants and how to get them to invest in you.
  • Where to sell what – Meet key people from markets around the world
  • What’s new – Innovation and new technology, the IC Tomorrow innovation Dragon’s Den finale, 4G what, when, and what’s next.
  • Who’s hot – the D-Media Crysalis Award for the emerging butterfly in the digital media world and the D-Media Digital Pioneer Award celebrating a major contribution
  • How to make it….better, cheaper, faster – exploring new production methods 3D workflow, Motion Capture, fragmented post production services
  • Data is beautiful…… – how to see it, how to read it, how to use it!
  • Change the world – listen to those who are doing it
  • Meet the people you need to meet – from the 300 digital media attendees

Good people – Good content – Great business

What business opportunities will the D-Media conference help you to create?

At D-Media you can meet the decision makers, develop your business plan, or speak with the financiers who can make your vision a reality. Relax with the best in the business and meet the undiscovered talent with the killer format, programme, movie, application or hit song. Play on the ‘digital fairground’ and enjoy two days of challenging yourself to become a digital media success story. Meet the people who matter to your continued business success.

D-Media will provide you with the opportunity to have your say, and to meet the right

  • One-to-One Opportunities in the Global Village:  Your chance to pre-book a slot if you let us know what you are looking for
  • Digital Fairground: Try out the cutting edge digital innovations that will shape the future
  • Networking Cocktail Party
  • Awards Dinner

Ticket Prices Further Information & Free Places

Delegate tickets are available at £745 plus VAT, made possible by generous support from our partner organisations and sponsors South East Media Network, Screen South, UKTI and all those who have so kindly given of their time.

The conference is free to D-Media members and if you are considering joining, your ticket price is deductible from the price of your membership if you join D-Media by May 2nd, 2011

A limited number of stands are available at our Digital Fairground priced at £200 per day + VAT please contact us at if you are interested.

If you want to make the most out of the experience why not tell us a bit about you and enable our ‘conference ambassadors’ to introduce you to other delegates who can help you achieve your objectives. We have a number of free places open to South East Media Network companies; if you would like one or want to take advantage of the ‘conference ambassadors’ please email us at by the 28th of February and let us know:

  • who you are
  • what you do i.e. what exciting things you have been doing, and
  • what you would like to achieve in relation to the conference themes on innovation, markets and finance i.e. seeking investment; researching new technology or content partners; exploring new territories or technologies for product distribution; or investigating future markets for product development or diversification.

We look forward to seeing you bright and early on 29th March 2011.


D-Media speakers include a formidable line-up of international experts with proven track records in their field.

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Day 1

08.15 Registration / Coffee / Digital Fairground (open all day)

09.00 Welcome and Launch of D-Media

  • Nigel Hartnell, Chair, SEMN and Gina Fegan, CEO, D-Media, Event Chair

Production: Smarter Ways to Work

09.10 Why does TV drama cost so much? Is there a way to get more value on the screen?

Matthew Bird, award winning independent TV drama producer with over 25 years experience innovating with drama

09.40 Reducing Production Costs: How technology is radically transforming working methods. From motion capture for animation, to multi-site working in real time, to handling 3D workflow. Hear it from those at the cutting edge.

  • Mick Morris, Audio Motion
  • Tony Dickie, Media Pros
  • Mike Wabro, Reel Sound

10.25 Film, TV, Online: How to work together – “Some Dogs Bite”

  • Anne Brogan, Executive Producer, Kindle Entertainment
  • Matthew Williams, Interactive Producer, BBC
  • 10.45 Lifting the lid on their BAFTA-winning project ZingZillas. One of the most ambitious CBeebies online projects ever commissioned.

  • Dominic Minns, Creative Director, Plug-In Media
  • * (11am in the Digital Fairground – an opportunity to join in a live Improv Workshop with Ed Greenberg, “Laughter For A Change workshop* – come by and play a few improv games.  You’ll experience the power of laughter and play to help you access your creativity and imagination in new and powerful ways.  Improv skills are great life skills: say yes, make active choices, trust and most of all, have fun.” )

11.00 New Ways of Pre-Selling, Funding, and increasing revenues from Creative Productions

  • Pouline Middleton, Managing Director, Fiction Works ApS
  • Paul Bennun, Director, Somethin’ Else
  • Adrian Hon, Co-Founder and Chief Creative, Six to Start
  • Pippa Cross, Producer, CrossDay Productions
  • Chair: Richard Ayers, Digital Director, Manchester City Football Club

12.00 Embedded Advertising: How to generate more advertising revenue from existing content

Mark Popkiewicz, CEO, MirriAd

12.25 Digital Evolution – “Daddy, are we there yet?”

Richard Ayers, is a cross-media pioneer and veteran of BBC News online, Trinity Mirror and Tiscali. Currently running the digital operations of Manchester City FC, advising Kasabian and the BFI, he will share his insights on how to survive the life-changing impact of digital media.

Distribution: Which Platform, What Content, Which Audience?

13.30 New Platforms: New Opportunities. Looking at the impact of distribution technology such as 4G, platforms like the i-Pad, content offering as local TV and the proliferation of Apps where are the opportunities.

  • Torsten De Riese, Digital Director, CNBC
  • Victor Harwood, Founder and Director, Digital Hollywood
  • Chair Richard Kastelein, Agora Group Innovation –

14.25 Data, Platforms or the Audience – Who has the Power?

  • Karl Schneider, Editorial Development Director, Reed Business Information
  • Ray Maguire, Managing Director, Sony Computer Entertainment
  • Ben Hammersley, Wired Editor at Large
  • Chair: Matt Locke, Acting Head of Cross Platform, Channel 4
  • Innovation – the Money Spinner?

15.20 Innovation: How to use it; how to measure it – what’s it worth to a company’s bottom line

  • Nicole Yershon, Director, Innovative Solutions, Ogilvy UK
  • Paul Coughlan, Professor, Trinity College Dublin
  • Paul Walland, IT-Innovations
  • Chair Gina Fegan, D-Media Network

16.05 Data to Guide Investment

Martyn Poessinouw, K-Matrix

Where’s the Money?

16.15 Who’s Investing: How Much, When and in What? Investor Presentations:

  • Nick Appleyard, Technology Strategy Board
  • Ian Baverstock, Tenshi Ventures
  • David Fisher, Edge
  • Barry Flaherty, Media Ventures
  • Anthony Gahan, Wyvern Partners
  • Sue Pearce, HSBC
  • Stephen Rockman, Merism Capital
  • Raja Sharif , Al Noor
  • Julie Silvestor, Finance South East
  • Thiery Baujard, Peacefulfish

Drinks Reception & Digital Fairground

18.00 Close

Throughout the Day

Digital Fairground

A mini trade show demo-ing and profiling the latest innovative digital
content and technologies. Throughout the day in the David Lean Room.

Global Village

A quiet spot away from the hubbub of the conference for one-to-one
business meetings. Available throughout the day in The Gallery

Special Sessions

North Sea Screen Partnership and Screen South Digital Inventions Lab Pitches.

First Session 10.30; Second Session 13.30 Board room, Invitation Only

“Laughter For A Change workshop*

come by and play a few improv games.  You’ll experience the power of laughter and play to help you access your creativity and imagination in new and powerful ways.  Improv skills are great life skills: say yes, make active choices, trust and most of all, have fun.”

‘Using Technology to Radically Reduce Film Piracy’

A session specially for distributors, sales agents and the studios. Presented by leading cyber security technology company First Cyber Security. How their system can be used with minimal effort from the rights holder and no engagement with the ISP.  Places on request from conference organisers.

Day 2

Be sussed about markets and Government Support

Opportunities for franchising, licensing, co-production and distribution collaborations in the key content hotspots worldwide; the new market niches in the digital content market and, yet more imaginatively, in other industry sectors; accessing data and intelligence to make shrewd market decisions.


09:05 Strategies for Growth: Support from the public sector

John Newbigin Chair Creative England

09:35 Onedigital:

  • Bristol Media; D-Media(London); Manchester Digital; Wired Sussex (Brighton) “Regulatory change to stimulate innovation in digital media companies”

10:00 Ed Vaizey MP, Minister for  Culture, Communications and Creative Industries.


11:00 “Working across continents for the best value – does it really make sense?”

  • Steve Hamilton-Shaw, Rocket Films ‘Gnomeo & Juliet’; Andrew Smith, Pinewood Studios, Dr Richard Sykes, Quick Start Global, Chair Dr Richard Wilson, TIGA.

11:30 How to see and use data is becoming crucial to doing business in the digital world – this exciting topic is taken on by a team of experts

  • Max Gadney, Hall & Partners (Chair)
  • Roo Reynolds, Weiden & Kennedy
  • Tom Armitage, Hide and Seek
  • Matt Sheret,

12:30 Is Europe Working for You? Two perspectives – the North Sea Screen Partnership and the European Digital Think Tank – you ask the questions!

Briefing on current trading conditions for digital content SMEs in Europe.

Opportunities to Do Business in Europe

  • North Sea Screen Partnership , Jo Nolan
  • European Digital Think Tank, Eduardo Oliveira, Gina Fegan

13:00 Lunchtime Special: Session on ‘People Centred Innovation’

Or ‘how to deliver great, user- friendly digital experiences that create loyal clientele’.
Meet the people behind the internationally successful “Prospectus” programme that
aims to return £50 in turnover for every £1 spent on design by participating companies

Global Challenges and digital media, be inspired….

How to change the world and make a living.  The power of digital media to change the way the world works. Inspiring case studies of companies who have delivered to the ‘triple bottom line’ – financially viable, socially conscious and environmentally friendly – developing products that not only make them money but are motivated by a desire to deliver a social good. Richard Eisermann PROSPECT.

13:30 “Monetising Content – the Future”

  • Gerd Leonhard, The Futures Agency,

13:50 The Theory: How to Use Technology and Content to Change the World

  • Emma Fryer, Intellect & Gina Fegan, D-Media Network – “How to use technology & content to change the world!”

14:20 The Politics: How Technology Connects the World Better.

  • Katz Kiely, Curator, ITU telecom world ’11 in conversation with Ben Hammersley, Editor at Large, Wired

14:40 The Theory: How to Use Technology and Content to Change the World

  • Chris Thorpe, Artfinder
  • Stephane Distinguin, faberNovel
  • Chair, Anthony Lilley, Magic Lantern

15:15 The Practice: Inspirational People Who Are Just Doing It

  • Ed Greenberg, Laughter for a Change and starting to heal division in Rwanda (plus a chance to join a live improv workshop on Tues at 11am)*
  • 15:30 The Practice: Inspirational Documentaries

Screen South and Dogwoof

  • Jo Nolan, CEO,Screen South;
  • Jack Gold, Board Member, Screen South;
  • Marc Francis, Producer, Black Gold;
  • Andy Whittaker, Chairman, Dogwoof.
    - Inspirational Docs: End of the Line, Garbage Warrior, Black Gold, Enemies of the People and more.

16:10 Edutainment and Telecare: New Ways of Working – is it a Paradigm Shift, or a Mirage?

  • Jane Kagon, RFK-LA (Legacy in Action) Digital media Lab and archives, Los Angeles: Media for Social Change;
  • John Worth, Me For Health; Andy Wilson, Hybrid State, Sweden;
  • Chair Pete Burden, SeeStep

16.50  D-Media Network & The Future,

  • Gina Fegan, CEO, D-Media Network


17.00 Close

(See you next year!)


BAFTA is located in the heart of central London, just minutes away from Piccadilly Circus and Green Park.  As the home of British Film and Television, it is the ideal venue for the D-Media conference.



195 Piccadilly, London, W1J 9LN

Closest tubes are Piccadilly Circus or Green Park

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