International Trade

Digital media is a global business so trading internationally is a fundamental part of all growing companies; that doesn’t mean that it can’t be a challenge.  Our aim is to create a truly international community, addressing any barriers to ‘doing good business’, whether they be human (getting to know the right people), market intelligence (who to trade with where) or regulatory (legal trade obstacles).

We work with a network of like-minded organisations, digital media clusters and passionate individuals to provide the necessary connectivity around the world.  We support a programme of international trade opportunities and work with relevant trade partners such as UK Trade and Investment (UKTI), Ontario Media Development Corporation (OMDC) and key trade associations like Shanghai Interactive Multimedia Trade Association (SMIA) and TIGA to ensure maximum support such as financial grants and knowledge sharing is readily available – for more info on these relationships see the ‘Partners’ page.

  • Testing barriers to international trade
  • Promoting relevant international opportunities

D-Media is pleased to announce the following opportunities for interested parties who are serious about international trade:

SIGGRAPGH, Vancover 7-11 Aug 2011, UKTI ‘Trade Access Program’ grants available through D-Media

MIPCOM, Cannes 3-6 Oct 2011, UKTI ‘Trade Access Program’ grants available through PACT

AFM, Los Angeles, 2-9 Nov 2011,, UKTI ‘Trade Access Program’ grants available through UK Film Export,