About Us

D-Media Network is an international ecosystem for digital and creative people. By connecting talent and expertise the D-Media community creates exciting opportunities.

D-Media is also for those who want someone else to do the work of keeping tabs on things which could really affect business such as market intelligence, industry policy, government funding schemes, jobs, projects, talent, technology, innovation, finance, international trade, training and everything else that is relevant.

The people behind D-Media come from across the spectrum of digital media: from film, television, games, music, software, interactivity, social media and mobile, they range from entrepreneurs, to large-scale corporate entities, to the public sector and with sensibilities from ‘art house’ to ‘blockbuster’.

In the past, the team at D-Media created the digital content sector consortium for the South East of England (SEMN) and spent six years working regionally, nationally and internationally to bring people together, listen to the industry, champion small businesses, contribute to government policy, provide access to finance and international markets and assist digital media businesses to grow. In numbers SEMN supported over 5,000 companies, provided access to £10million research and development funding and stimulated £100million foreign direct investment.

Now, this team has formed D-Media and is working closely with our industry experts the D-Media Ambassadors, our worldwide connections and our members to support a flourishing digital media industry. We share knowledge and experience amongst our community, provide a flow of information on our industry, and are continuing to develop tools to help people to connect. We also host regular focused events to give our members ‘industry insights’ and the space to meet, spark ideas and collaborate. Once a year we hold the D-Media Global Conference celebrating innovation in content and business whilst sharing experience and exploring developments with friends, colleagues and inspirational speakers from around the world.

Join us if you want to get involved and have your say!