The Little App Causing Big Waves in Exports

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A ‘virtual market’ app developed by Pact has stirred interest from other UK trade organisations – and the wider interactive entertainment industry has now launched its own version.

Pact launched its UK indies app in October last year, with support from UKTI.  The app serves as a one-stop shop for international buyers and broadcasters, allowing them to browse UK content on their iPhone, iPad or android device, and get in contact with independent producers.

The UK indies app was the first digital marketplace of its kind in the UK.  Ukie (the Association for UK Interactive Entertainment) has just launched its own app.

John McVay, Chief Executive at Pact, said:

“Pact’s long commitment to supporting UK indie exports by constantly innovating is now also bringing wider benefits to the UK’s creative industries.”

In April, Pact demonstrated its UK Indies app to 98 other trade groups at UKTI’s Trade Challenge Partners’ workshop.  Organisations were offered the technology as a ‘white label’ product, ready to be customised to suit their needs.  More than 40 companies expressed an interest.

Ukie launched its version of the app called ‘UK games’ in Germany in August.

Crispin Simon, Managing Director, Trade Development and Strategic Trade at UKTI said:

“There’s been a lot of excitement from trade bodies about the potential of this app model.  It provides an easy and effective way to present UK industry to the world – and it’s fantastic to see so many organisations getting on board with the concept.”


Sam Collins, Ukie’s Head of Commercial and Membership, said:

“Ukie was looking for a solution that enabled us to represent the vibrant UK interactive entertainment industry and the UK indies app was an excellent template for us to use.

“The app had its debut at gamescom in Cologne and the reception was universally positive. The UK industry stand was one of the largest and busiest at the show and the app was an invaluable aid to help attendees understand who they should meet.”

Dawn McCarthy Simpson, Pact’s Director of Market Development, added:

“We are delighted that Ukie are putting this app format to good use.  It has been a massive success for us, with buyers from more than 47 countries currently looking at, and investing in, UK film and television content.

“Export is a significant growth area for the UK independent production sector and we are more than happy to share this successful format.  The app is a simple but effective idea that could be a big hit for others too.”

Other trade organisations are now following Ukie’s lead, with new versions of the app already in development. Bodies representing interests as diverse as fashion, medical supplies and food and drink have expressed an interest in the technology.

The UK indies app is available for download from Pact’s UK indies website.


Pact is the UK trade association representing the commercial interests of independent feature filmmakers, television producers, and digital, children’s and animation media companies.