Breaking Barriers, in your career / business

BPP Food and Clothes Drive (BPP FCD)
Tuesday, September 17, 2013 from 5:30 PM to 10:30 PM (BST), London, United Kingdom


 5.30pm      Registration and refreshments                                          
 6.15pm  Welcome by Lord Holmes  (Chris Holmes MBE) 
 6.30pm  Talk by Noel Grey on Creative Problem solving
 7.10pm  Break and Refreshments
 7.20pm  Attendees Break Out into their selected workshop
 8:10pm  Back to Lecture Theatre for closing remarks
 8.20pm  Networking, drinks and canapé reception





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You are invited to:

Breaking Barriers

            Networking, Learning, Achieving 


This CPD accredited event will give you the opportunity to network and participate in workshops held by experts in their field

The aim of the event is to help equip attendees with the tools they need to mould their strengths and achieve their potential

Delegates will attend a talk on creative thinking by Noel Gray and have the option of participating in one of 20 workshops



Speakers will include:

  • David Smith – Chairman – British Africa – “Penetrating New Markets”
  • Derek Tuitt - Programme Director, Diversity and Social Innovation – Hewlett – Packard (HP) – “Managing Expectations with awareness”
  • Brigitte Colombo - Sales Consulting Director – Oracle Corporation –  “Climbing the Corporate Ladder”
  • Muslim Aid –“Finance Business and the Public good”
  • Nicoletta Adda – Managing Director – Pinkananas Image Consultancy –  “Professional image”
  • Jonathan Pfahl – Director – Rockstar Mentoring Group  - “Evolution from start up to Corporate a discussion with business mentors and Entrepreneurs”
  • Laura Trendall-Morrison – British Telecom – “How to improve your soft skills”
  • Jon Boys – Founding Partner – Intuitive Management Solutions Group  – “Getting the most from your team”
  • Jenny Garret – Author and Founder - Reflexion Associates – “Leader as a coach”
  • Steve Windsor – Managing Director – NetLinked Ltd – “Online Business Brand”
  • Emma Stroud – Managing Director – Pitch Perfect Club –  “Master Class on Presentation Skills”
  • Janice B Gordon - Managing Director – The Problem Solving Company - “How to Build Relationships to Close the Deal”
  • Shirley Palmer – CEO – Shirley Palmer International LTD (SPI) – ” The New Breed of Leader”    
  • Peter Peart – Huddle LTD – “Breaking Barriers Through Collaboration”
  • Samual Gorden – Founder – First Year –  “Breaking Barriers Through Collaboration”
  • Elizabeth Nyeko – Director (Head of Corporate Brokerage & Consulting) – Benconolly Group – “Penetrating New Markets”
  • Alex Wiggins – Inclusion Officer – BPP  - “Inclusion, Diversity and Disability in the workplace”
  • Jane Morris -Speaker – TV Presenter – Burnout Expert – “Managing Stress and Understanding Yourself”
  • Samia – Director of BT Local Business in London North West represented by Enterprise Business Technologies Ltd “Technology to Grow your Business” 


Event Aim

The aim of the evening is to give the attendees the tools required to get past any barriers that are currently stopping them from reaching the next level, their goals or what they deem to be success.


Full list of Barrier Classes:

  • Evolution from Start-up to Corporate, a discussion with business mentors and entrepreneurs 
  • Climbing the corporate Ladder
  • Master class on presentation skills
  • Penetrating new markets
  • Inclusion, Diversity and Disability in the workplace 
  • Managing expectations with awareness
  • Online Brand for your business. – Getting to your perfect customer
  • Professional Image / Brand
  • Breaking barriers through collaboration
  • Your Leadership Story 
  • Getting the most out of your team
  • Technology to grow your business
  • Finance, business and the public good
  • How to Build Relationships to Close the Deal
  • The New Breed of Leader (Incorporating “Assertiveness and dealing with conflict)
  • Career Progression / Career Change
  • Intellectual Property Law for your business
  • PR master class (The art of storytelling and marketing your brand / Building a brand)
  • Managing stress and understanding yourself
  • Assertiveness and dealing with conflict
  • How To improve your soft skills (self development)
  • Master class on networking for entrepreneurs

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