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Imagine waking up in the morning to find that you’ve lost some of your hearing, and the world sounds utterly different: music is suddenly unrecognisable. All the songs you’ve loved and all the songs you’ve yet to discover are suddenly out of reach.

LOST AND SOUND is a feature documentary about what happens to music if you lose the ability to hear it like you used to.

1 in 6 people will experience hearing loss in their lifetime. Is this you, or someone you know? 

The film follows 3 extraordinary people as they try to re-discover music after deafness, and journeys with them deep into sound and silence. There’s a world-class cast of music and brain scientists, and sound and animation that reveal what deafness really sounds and feels like.

It was made by a partially deaf film director – Lindsey Dryden – after the future of her own hearing was called into doubt, together with an award-winning crew.

We made the film completely independently, on a tiny budget, thanks to the generosity of everyone who believed in the story we wanted to tell: that deafness can be like a super-power and, instead of being a limitation, it can allow new, unexpected and wonderful ways into sound.

We had just enough money to finish making LOST AND SOUND, but not enough to pay for its incredible soundtrack - Beethoven, Blur, Mozart, Nic Jones, Prokofieff and many others – outside of film festivals.

Music is extremely expensive to use in films, and while all the music copyright owners involved in LOST AND SOUND have given us fantastic discounts – including personal support from conductor Daniel Barenboim, and bands like Blur - so far we’ve only had enough money to pay for some of this copyright clearance. We’re currently limited to film festivals and educational screenings, so we need to cover the costs of releasing the film on DVD, digital downloads, in cinemas and beyond, before we can bring it to the public.

After a year of incredible film festivals on 5 continents, and awards and nominations across the globe, we’re raising money to pay for the soundtrack, for some final editing and sound design, and to make those master tapes, DVDs and downloads. If we can raise enough money, we also plan to make extra videos to accompany the film, so that everyone can have access to thescientific info and medical advice that went into making the film.


Please help us reach our goal, and let this beautiful, inspiring film be heard!


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“Never before have I seen a film that truly grasped the mysterious world that those with hearing loss live in.” ~ Audiotoniq

“I just wanted to say a big thank you for the film. It was beautiful, and for [my daughter] who adores, lives and breathes music it was very supportive. Her hearing has dropped dramatically in the last year or so, and I think to see the film was really helpful. What a valuable insight into the fact that a hearing loss is not just like volume being turned down.”  

“I watched it twice last night. Fantastic. Even though the film is ‘about’ musicality, the poignant nuggets of human experience with hearing loss, apart from musicianship, make it a must-see for anyone who loses hearing or purports to help.”

“As an Audiologist, I did not expect the documentary to have such an impact on me.  I would highly recommend watching “Lost and Sound” not just to my colleagues and students, but to everyone, as there is something in it that will touch us all.” ~ Priya Singh, AuD, Senior Clinical Lecturer, Ear Institute, University College London

“A beautiful film; it’s eloquent and moving about the effects of losing and finding music. In its scope and gentle, insightful view, this is as much a film about what it means to love and be a human as it is about music.” ~ Prof. Sophie K Scott, Wellcome Trust Senior Fellow, Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience, University College London


We’re fundraising now so that we can release the film to the public, and so that Lost and Sound can continue to affect, inspire and support people everywhere 


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We’re independent filmmakers, and believe in making creative, unusual films about under-represented points of view. That’s what we’ve done with LOST AND SOUND: it’s an ambitious and personal film, made on a very small budget. We received some funding from Wellcome Trust and Screen South to develop and make it, and director Lindsey and production company Animal Monday put in some of their own money to get it finished for festivals.

Right now, LOST AND SOUND is languishing on tapes in London, waiting to be released. We can’t bring it to the public without your help. 

If we can raise £9,700 British pounds (approx. $14,900 US dollars) we will be able to release it.

If we can raise £12,000 British pounds (approx. $18,400 US dollars) we will also be able to release videos of the film’s scientific info and medical advice.



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