Great Week: Vietnam & Mexico Trade Missions

The GREAT WEEKS will give UK-based businesses the opportunity to join government-led trade missions to meet major buyers, potential partners, influential opinion formers in market and take part in specially created platforms to promote their business.

missions-vietnamGREAT WEEK Vietnam

Dates: 29th September to 5th October 2013
Destinations: Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Danang
Application Deadline: 2nd September 2013


Opportunities for Film & Animation

  • · Vietnam is a young country (60% of its population of 90 million is under 30) with rising box office sales.
  • · UK film, TV and music are becoming increasingly popular.
  • · UK developed TV show formats are being adapted for the local market (e.g. Vietnam’s Got Talent).
  • · Box office sales in Vietnam increased by 35% in 2012 to nearly $50 million


Programme Highlights

  • · Bespoke Film and Animation activities will be led by Lord Puttnam including a seminar and UK Film Week.


More information is available on the GREAT WEEKS Vietnam website:


missions-mexicoGREAT WEEK Mexico

Dates: 10th to 16th November 2013
Destinations: Mexico City, Guadalajara, Queretaro
Application Deadline: 14th October 2013


Opportunities for Film & Animation
· Mexico is the largest exporter of creative goods and services in its region, exporting over $5 billion in 2008.
· Attend workshops, expositions, conferences and face-to-face meetings when, through GREAT WEEK Mexico, the UK will be the Country of Honour at Mexico’s CutOut Fest, the largest animation and digital art festival in Mexico.
  • Mexico has the world’s fifth-highest cinema attendance and the largest film market in Latin America. 
Programme Highlights 

  • · New media workshops, conferences and face-to-face meetings.


More information on GREAT WEEKS Mexico is available on the GREAT WEEKS websitewww.greatweeks.couk/overseas-missions/Mexico
Application Process
The process is simple, with companies submitting an application online
Market Access Programme Grants are available for all SMEs
(An SME has less than 250 employees and either has an annual turnover not exceeding €50m or an annual balance sheet total not exceeding €47m.)
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