UK ​Green Fi​​​lm Festiv​​al opens​ ​1​ June​​ ft. Pr​em​ie​res, s​pec​ial ​eve​nts​ & ​more​​​



The only UK‐wide celebration of environmental films 1st – 8th June 2013

London / Glasgow / Cambridge / Birmingham / Cardiff / Newcastle / Brighton / Nottingham / Leicester /Inverness / Ormskirk / South Shields / Dumfries / Leeds / Bristol

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Opening Gala Saturday 1st June, 7pm Hackney Picturehouse

UK Premiere: More Than Honey ft. skype Q&A with director Markus Imhoof

Closing Awards Ceremony Saturday 8th June, 7pm Hackney Picturehouse

Special Screening: Trashed ft. Q&A with director Candida Brady & Jeremy Irons


The UK Green Film Festival 2013, sponsored by Friends of the Earth, returns for a third year ready to inform, entertain, challenge and inspire a UK wide audience of cinema‐goers. The only environmental film festival in the UK, this year the UKGFF is reaching its ‘green’ arms further with more than 50 screenings across 15 cities nationwide, including 10 London screenings, galas and awards in partnership with Picturehouse Cinemas. The screening programme foregrounds local and global environmental issues and offers 7 feature‐length films (3 UK premieres); 5 of them documentaries and 2 stunning blends of drama and non‐fiction. All features are coupled with a unique short offering its own alternative vision.

Programme highlights include: The UK premiere of Academy Award®–nominated director Markus Imhoof’s visually stunning look at the world bee crisis More than Honey, multi award‐winning documentary Trashed featuring Jeremy Irons, two very different love stories blurring the lines between the real and the imagined Valley of Saints and Future My Love as well as UK Premieres of Erik Schmitt’s quirky and surprising green‐doc meets road‐movie Solar Taxi and the eye‐opening documentary set in the alpine ski resorts Peak.

“The UK Green Film Festival provides a platform for films that deal with environmental issues, not just the global issues of climate change and energy but also our personal connection to our environment, how we can better understand and ultimately protect the world around us.”

Daniel Beck, Festival Director

Discussion, interaction and the opportunity to challenge and explore issues raised by the films (spanning waste, climate change, sustainable cities and technology as well as social and political issues) is at the heart of the festival with talks, discussions and Q&As throughout. All films screened at the festival are in competition for UK Green Film Festival Awards, including the Palme Verte for best film and UKGFF Audience Award. Winners will be announced at the Closing Night on 8th June. “This is an exciting and diverse showcase, with great opportunities for film fans to have their say on topics ranging from climate change to the cities of the future. As film is an immersive and entertaining medium, it is the perfect vehicle for inspiring and engaging even more people to take action on the issues facing us and our planet.”

Joe Jenkins, Director of Fundraising, Communications and Activism, Friends of the Earth

“Picturehouse are delighted to be working with a festival which endeavours to bring important Green issues to as wide an audience as possible. With our commitment to local audiences and community, the festival’s diverse programme and grassroots environmentalism is a perfect fit for us.”

Clare Binns, Programming & Acquisitions Director, Picturehouse Cinemas


Screening programme

More than Honey ‐ UK Premiere (Opening night Gala feature)

Doc. Switzerland/ Germany/ Austria 2012

Dir. Markus Imhoof

Academy Award®–nominated director Markus Imhoof uses state‐of‐the‐art filmmaking to illuminate the world’s bee crisis in this compelling in‐depth look at honeybees in California, Switzerland, china and Australia. “Dazzling nature photography… more ambitious than any previous work on the topic.”

Toronto International Film Festival 2012

+ short The Lonely Dodo

UK, 4 min Dir. Matthew Walker

Starring Stephen Fry, this animation by the award winning Aardman, tells the story of the last lonesome bird from Mauritius on an adventure!

Trashed (Closing night Gala feature)

Doc. USA 2012

Dir. Candida Brady

We buy it, we bury it, we burn it and then we ignore it, but what happens to all the trash we produce? Selected for a special screening at Cannes and having scooped awards at Tokyo International Film Festival, FIFE International Environmental Film Festival to name a few, Trashed follows Jeremy Irons as he travels around the world to beautiful destinations tainted by pollution. He also looks to the solutions out there ‐ from the innovative to the radical ‐ and how our lives can be changed to address the problem.

+ short Plastic Bag

USA, 18mins

Dir. Ramin Bahrani

A plastic bag (voiced by legendary film director Werner Herzog) goes on an epic journey in search of its lost Maker. Music by Kjartan Sveinsson of the band Sigur Rós.

Solar Taxi ‐ UK Premiere

Doc. ‐ Germany 2010

Dir. Erik Schmitt

“More than a few have embarked on an around‐the‐world adventure; and some have even completed it, but no one has ever done so powered exclusively by the sun.” Meet Louis Palmer and his homemade “Solartaxi”. Chronicling an epic 18‐month adventure that spans the globe, this green road movie is full of surprises!

+ short A Litre of Light (Festival premiere)

South Africa, 5 min, Dir. Timothy Gabb

‘Litre of Light’ means using a plastic bottle and water to illuminate an otherwise dark space. This film bears testimony to the enormous effect these simple designs have on people’s everyday lives.

Peak ‐ UK Premiere

Doc. Germany 2012

Dir. Hennes Lang

The mountains are calling! Every year thousands of tourists flock to the white winter paradise of the mountains. Set in ski resorts ‐ but not as we know them ‐ “PEAK” causes us to relive a supposedly well‐known world that has become a fascinating hybrid between nature and technology whilst asking vital questions about our longstanding need for a paradise on earth.

+ short The Man Who Lived on his Bike

Cananda, 3 mins

Dir. Guillaume Blanchet

With a whopping 8 festival wins and over 40 official selections, this non‐stop ride through the streets of Montreal where every aspect of live (from the practical to the extreme) lived on a bike, is not to be missed!

Valley of Saints

Drama ‐ Kashmir/USA 2012

Dir. Musa Syeed

When Gulzar and Afzal’s plans to skip town are derailed, they discover a young woman named Asifa researching the ecosystem of their lake community. An unlikely relationship begins too blossom between Gulzar and Asifa and Gulzar is forced to choose between a new life or a new love. Shot during the military curfew of 2010, Valley of Saints weaves together documentary and fiction, ancient myths and contemporary issues and the beauty and danger of Kashmir to tell a story finding ones path home in a changing world.

+ short A Shifting Culture

India, 3 min Dir. Jason Taylor

In this poignant and beautiful short the people of Yousef’s Kasmiri community feel they are beginning to lose their cultural identity and with it their relationship with their environment…

Future my Love

Doc. UK/Sweden 2012

Dir. Maja Borg

Filmmaker Maja Borg takes us on a poetic trip through the financial collapse, exploring a radically different economic and social model as proposed by 95‐year‐old futurist Jacque Fresco. Carefully weaving a texture of archive footage, black and white Super 8 film, and colour HD Future my Love is a unique and poignant love story that challenges our collective and personal utopias and explores the topical notion of ‘sustainable cities’ in times of radical change.

+ short Yukon Kings (UK Festival premiere)

USA, 7min Dir. Emmuanuel Vaughan‐Lee

Set in the remote Alaskan Yukon Delta, we follow Yup’ik fisherman Ray Waska. With environmental and cultural forces threatening his family’s subsistence and way of life, Ray holds onto the hope that his grandsons will one day pass on the traditional knowledge to their children.

Big Boys Gone Bananas

Doc. Sweden/ Germany/ UK/ USA/ Denmark 2012

Dir. Fredrik Gertten

In 2009 Dole Food Company waged a campaign to prevent a pair of Swedish filmmakers from screening their documentary on the evening of its world premiere at Los Angeles film festival. Three years later the director comes back with another eye‐opening documentary examining the right to freedom of speech, telling the story of can happen when filmmakers go up against a large corporations like Dole.

+ short Reynaldo (World premiere)

UK, 6 min

Dir. Dan Childs & Nick Werber

Reynaldo, lives in the Rainforest region of Manu in Peru. After many years he realised he needed to change the way he farmed to live a more sustainable life and taught himself agroforestry. By helping people to change the way they live and work he is helping build a future for people and forest alike.

“We want to show people that it’s not all doom and gloom. It’s not hopeless, there are things we can do, things we can take home, in our personal lives that can have a big, positive impact on the world we live in.”

John Long, Festival Co‐founder

Twitter: @UKGreenFilms


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