New York Television Festival at BAFTA

Join the New York Television Festival at BAFTA on 14 June for a day of free panels, screenings and networking events focused on emerging trends, digital content and keys to breaking into the US marketplace. For more information and to register, please visit:

15.00: Session 1
S/M/L: Determining Digital Content’s Perfect Fit, Presented in Partnership with MSN
How/what/when we watch online are the central questions facing advertisers and platform programmers across the digital landscape. If you’re a producer or filmmaker with an eye toward the online marketplace, how much you produce can be just as important as what you’re creating. This discussion will examine recent trends and successes from micro-episodes to full length episodic series. Hear first-hand from the platforms, producers and packagers that are driving the discussion and gain insight on how to find your story’s “perfect fit.”

16.00: Session 2
Show Me the Money! An Indie Producer’s Guide to Funding Digital Projects
While independent web series producers enjoy the creative freedom that the medium provides, the ability to secure digital commissions, crowd funding or advertiser investment can be a significantly larger challenge. This panel will explore the current options available to indie creators and the trending attitudes in traditional vs. nontraditional platforms. Topics include: financing models, how the financial supporter roster is evolving, and which source of funding may be the right fit for your project.

17.00: Digital Networking Cocktail Hour

18.30: Session 3
Translating to Success: First-Hand Observations from Across the Pond
Are you interested in breaking into the U.S. market? U.K.-based network executives and independent producers will be on-hand to provide critical insight on overcoming the biggest transatlantic challenges, adapting your work to find success overseas, and some of the current trends to keep in mind when producing for the U.S. and hear first hand from those who’ve been there, how the New York Television Festival can help you make that first leap across the pond.

Confirmed speakers include:
Adam Berliant, Executive Producer, MSN Video and Entertainment
Alex Farber, Editor, Broadcast
Clare Daly, Producer/Writer
Doug Davis, Content Acquisitions Director, Blinkbox
Justin Gayner, CEO/Founder, ChannelFlip
Justin Gorman, Head of Entertainment, Channel 4
Terence Gray, Founder, New York Television Festival
Mick Greenwood, Head of Video, MSN UK
Jon Kingsbury, Director, Creative Economy Programme, Nesta
Damian Lanigan, Producer/Writer
Jonathan Webdale, Editor, and FutureMedia
Paul Whitehead, Global Commercial Director, We R Interactive


We hope to see you there!

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