New Opportunities & Standard Practices for UK Creative and Technology Companies Expanding Into the US

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A lot has changed in business in the last five years.  Think about your own company: technology has revolutionized how you interact with clients and collaborate with partners.  It has transformed how news, entertainment, and other media and applications are funded, delivered, and consumed.  It has created opportunities to distribute content and trial ideas directly with audiences and consumers, but at the same time, it has brought changes to existing business models and dramatically raised the expectations of potential investors, advertisers, and customers.

As economies retrench around the world, larger companies are cutting costs and shedding jobs, while new tools and opportunities continue to emerge for artists, technologists and entrepreneurs.   In the UK, the creative services industry has boomed, and new technology and media clusters have emerged in East London and Manchester.  For UK companies, the United States represents a huge market full of opportunities across the creative, media, and technology industries.  It is also a complex and highly competitive market.  Despite a familiar language and culture, the United States can be daunting without a guide.  Guidance, insight, and advice — that’s what our webinar, the first in a projected series, offers.

Our panel will present:

  • New opportunities for expanding your business within the UK and beyond in 2013
  • Steps for setting yourself up to do business in the US market.
  • Common pitfalls you’ll encounter when doing business in the US for the first time.

In addition, our panel will discuss strategies for expanding into the United States and making the most of current market trends.  We will offer a short, plain English outline of the key legal considerations for setting up a business there, linking those considerations to their commercial effects and drawing comparisons to UK practices.   We will discuss how to avoid tax entanglements, protecting your IP, and time permitting, some fundraising strategies.

The main presentation, lasting approximately 50 minutes, will be delivered by:

  • Philippa Burgess, a Los Angeles-based business consultant specializing in business development, content monetization, and consumer engagement for technology startups, advertising agencies, brands, and content owners.
  • Kristian Wiggert, a U.S. lawyer based in London specializing in complex cross-border transactions and international business, with particular expertise in the media and technology, life sciences, and energy sectors.

Approximately 40 minutes will be dedicated to Q&A.  Upon registration, participants will be invited to submit short, specific questions in advance of the webinar; some of these will be incorporated into the content of the presentations.

During the webinar, you can interact with us live by submitting questions and comments to the moderators via Twitter using the hashtag #UKTIConnect.

Companies need to register in advance to participate.  There will be no cost to you, outside of the cost of a phone call and/or internet connection.  We will communicate exact logistical details before the scheduled date.


Individuals wishing to participate should register here, via Eventbrite.  We will require your:

  • Full name
  • Company name
  • Job title
  • Email
  • Telephone
  • Registered company address in the UK

By 3 June or sooner, we will provide to registered individuals instructions for how to join the webinar.

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