‘The Money Workshop’ with Tim Malnick

Is money preventing you from achieving your dream?


This powerful 2 part workshop will explore a “hot” and often taboo topic with simplicity and humour enabling some profound insights

Friday 19th April 2013, 7.15pm-9.30pm
Saturday 20th April 2013, 10am-5pm
(You must be able to attend both sessions)

  • Are fears about money and security preventing you from taking necessary risks to move your business and life forward?
  • Do you want to stop money and issues around money dictating your life decisions?

‘The Money workshop’ takes as its starting point the observation that effective, creative and talented individuals and teams are often hampered in their wish to make changes, take action or forge new directions by fears, concerns or hopes about money. The pull of what we most deeply wish to do, or feel called to do, can become confused or distorted by beliefs and assumptions about how money fits into the picture.

Based on the groundbreaking work of Peter Koenig this workshop will help you notice some of the unconscious projections we typically make onto money and can powerfully free you up to take the steps you need in your project, business or careers.

It is quite explicitly not a workshop about ‘how to make money!’ But rather an invitation to explore quite deeply held assumptions about money that may unwittingly be stopping you moving into the fullest expression of what you are here to do…..

The workshop is limited to a maximum of 15 places. MeWe360 members will have priority booking until 2nd April (Incubator and then Hub and Network members having first priority before other memberships) after which places will be awarded on a first come first served basis to members and non-members alike.

MeWe360 Members: This is a Leadership development event and so free for those who have membership which includes these events. However we ask members to purchase a placeholder ticket for £10. The Ticket price will be refunded on attendance at the event.

Other MeWe360 Members: £20

Non-members: £45 (Book now – if the event becomes oversubscribed priority will be given firstly to MeWe360 members who have booked before the 2nd April and on a ‘first come, first served’ basis thereafter. Anyone we are unable to offer a place to will be refunded in full.) Early bird booking discount available.

Please contact louise.nkosi@mewe360.com if you have any queries or would like to find out more about membership.

To book your ticket and for more information please register below.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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