New Social Short Film Cinema in Internet


Blinkamovie is a new short film cinema which provides social viewing experience together with high quality short films.

Visitors can follow a non-stop short film broadcast in Blinkamovie Arena and meet other users. Audience can chat and give virtual applause *blink* while watching the short films. Visitors can also create their own Arenas and invite only their friends to private short film sessions to “My Theater”.

Blinkamovie offers a selection of more than 150 pre-selected high-quality short films and new films are included. Blinkamovie shows video ads before the short films and will distribute a share of the revenues to film makers to promote new film making.

Blinkamovie wants to promote the best short films and their makers and attract the general public to watch short films. Blinkamovie believes that great short films are buried in endless video archives of existing video services and they do not receive the appreciation they would deserve.

With new and exciting technological features Blinkamovie wants to open a new era for the short films and the whole short film industry. With social viewing the short film viewing experience turns into a common and shared experience and makes a starting point for social interaction. Viewers can chat and express their opinions and feelings real-time to each other while watching the short films.

Blinkamovie is presented in Facebook with more than 10.000 likes! Facebook is used to promote individual films and film makers and to communicate with the audience.

Blinkamovie invites everyone to sign in and to enter the Arena! Remember also to create your own My Theater to have a great time with your friends and these great short films.

Blinkamovie is looking for new films and co-operation with other parties to promote together short films. Blinkamovie offers mostly free-movies but has limited selection of pay-per-view –short films as well. Please see more:

Blinkamovie is created by Finnish tech company Blinkamovie Ltd., founded in 2013.

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