Funding Films Panel & Networking Event, London, 6th March

Non Multiplex Cinema (photo: David Gent)

Non-Multiplex Cinema & Creatives Loop present:

FILM MEANS BUSINESS panel & networking event


with a select panel of producers and financiers

organized by Mike Gould and Julian Bushell - hosted by Gina Fegan (Producer & CEO of D-Media)

date:  Wednesday 6th March (7pm – 10pm)

venue:  Deloitte Auditorium, 1st Floor, 2 New Street Square, London EC4A 3TR (map)

Film finance has always been a complex area of filmmaking, with successful efforts to simplify its processes (or make easier understanding of them) always welcomed.

Some say that the simplest way to raise money for a film is through direct, straightforward investment by one person.  However this can often (if not invariably) involve higher investor risk, with much ingenuity and effort therefore being applied (in general) in attempting to reduce investor risk in the business, resulting conversely in greater amounts of complexity (e.g. pre-sales or debt finance, bank finance, co-productions, tax driven finance, hedge fund or slate financing, gap finance, onerous subsidies, facilities house finance, sundry placements and sponsorships).

A select group of panellists has been invited to illustrate the successful strategies used in approaching film finance in the UK:

Organised by Mike Gould and Julian Bushell. Hosted by:

Tickets at £20.00 each for a limited period (full price £25).

Further information and to book online here.


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