Connected Digital Economy Catapult webinar on March 27th with CEO Neil Crockett


You are invited to participate in the second of a series of monthly Connected Digital Economy Catapault (CDEC, #cdecatapult) webinars on March 27th at 9.30am.

This webinar will enable open and interactive communication between the Connected Digital Economy Catapult and the UK digital innovation community.

Neil Crockett (Chief Executive, Connected Digital Economy Catapult) will provide a short update, which will then be followed by an extensive Questions and Answers session.

This webinar continues a monthly dialogue that Neil would like to have with the community over the coming months. Future webinar dates will be scheduled and published on _connect in due course.

To register your details for the event please click this link.

The webinar will be recorded and a link will be posted on _connect following the event, along with copies of the chat room dialogue. Please feel free to copy any or all sections of the networking walls for your own use during the actual webinar.

FYI the recording of the first webinar (held on February 13th, 2013) delivered by Neil Crocket as the newly appointed Chief Executive of the Connected Digital Economy Catapult can be accesssed by clicking here.

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