The Second Screen; transforming video consumption: A detailed review of this $5.9bn market by Renaud Fuchs

Second screen and social TV already are a much discussed phenomenon of digital media. Second screen is also market reality with $12m woth of second screen advertising sold during the 2013 Superbowl vs. $2m last year.
Despite this, the market is only partially described and most of the time through vague qualitative statements. Two Technology and TV executives Renaud Fuchs and Chuck Parker published a detailed research document dedicated to the second screen market. It is data and experience driven and fact based. The key points are as follows
  • The 2nd screen market has an economic reality:
    • Looking at 14 customer surveys from 2012, it appears that between 40% and 80% of people in front of a TV use a connected device such as a laptop, a tablet or a smartphone.
    • There are more than 200 second screen apps (mostly in Europe and in the US)
    • The 2nd screen market size is estimated to be worth $490m in 2012 growing to $5.9bn in 2017.
  • Despite the confusion, The 200+ apps can be organised in 5 segments
    • The 200+ apps can be segmented into 5 segments depending on what the app does best (to control, to enhance, to discover, to share, to multitask)
    • The research includes 50 case studies for the most successful apps in each segments
    • The app providers are also reviewed: studio tend to provide to enhance apps, while pay-tv operators provide to control apps
  • The research also looks at 2nd screen technology, market evolutions
    • The research review 30+ technology enablers for the 2nd screen apps (including twitter feeds, Facebook login, content recognition, etc)
    • The document covers the market trends for the next 5 years with a detail for the net 18 months (em.g. battle between ebay and amazon, war on content recognition technologies, the end of the reign of the start up etc)
    • The recent surge of interest for second screen initiatives in other sector such as video games and advertising
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