Tenshi Two Day Bootcamp With Unreal Engine & TIGA

12th & 13th March, Grant Thornton, Finsbury Square, London.  

A Two Day BOOTCAMP of intense sessions and mentoring to prepare studios for success in the modern games industry. The program is aimed at early stage businesses, or even pre-launch, with practical advice and one-on-one support focused on accessing investment, signing publishing deals and building an audience for self-published games.

The event features two themed days (March 12th and 13th) at Grant Thornton, Finsbury Square, London.

The Tenshi team of Ian Baverstock, Jonathan Newth, Ed Daly, Matt Woodley & Matt Sansam who between them have started, bought and sold games businesses, have worked for start-ups and the world’s largest games companies.   The event will feature games lawyers, publisher acquisition experts, digital marketeers and investors.

In addition, the event will be supported by Epic Games who will be speaking and sponsoring. “We are supporting indie games developers and start-ups by sharing our expertise and giving attendees the chance to learn lessons from our own war stories,” said Epic Games European Territory Manager Mike Gamble. “Epic has a long history of helping small teams get a leg up in the business, and we look forward to meeting with developers who are looking for advice at the bootcamp.”



1. State of the Gaming Nation – introduction and overview of the market for developer products and services

2. Strategy – how to develop a competitive and investable strategy for a new generation games developer.

3. The Law – Sheridan’s Alex Chapman on intellectual property, publishing deals and other must-know legal information


4. Investment – who is investing in games developers, and how to structure and close a deal

5. Public funding – accessing grants from UK and EU, what is out there and how to get it

6. Games tax relief – Grant Thornton on the new tax relief proposals, existing breaks for small developers and the Growth Accelerator Program

7. Mentoring Sessions – sessions to apply the day’s content to delegate business and practical advice on next steps



1. Free to Play – EU CEO of Marvelous Entertainment Harry Holmwood on lessons for Western developers from Japan in mobile F2P

2. Business Development – who and how, partnering with publishers to fund your game

3. Games-as-a-Service – Oscar Clark (Applifier) a dive into the commercial and creative implications of GaaS


4. The Pitch – A panel on pitching, volunteers welcome!

5. Marketing for developers – how to get your company noticed and drive installs of your game

6. Unreal Engine – Epic games on opportunities for start-ups with Unreal

7. Mentoring Sessions – sessions to apply the day’s content to delegate business and practical advice on next steps


REGISTER at http://uk.amiando.com/PUNKKOG.html, EARLY BIRD PRICING ENDS FEB 28th


D-Media have negotiated a 5% discount for all our members, so if you are a D-Media member contact jean.lynch@d-media-network.com.
If you have any queries please contact enquiries@tenshi.co.uk


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