Digital Technology Round


Closing date: 19th April 2013

The EEF and Nominet Trust are seeking proposals for projects that use digital technology to improve the attainment of disadvantaged pupils. We believe that digital technology could make a significant difference to disadvantaged pupils in challenging schools. For example, it could provide extra learning opportunities, allowing pupils to learn at a rate, and a time, that is appropriate for them. It could also provide teachers with better information about their pupils’ progress. However, further work and research is needed to establish reliable ways of using technology effectively.

We are looking for initiatives that build on the existing evidence about effective teaching and learning practices, and use digital technology to make these practices more effective or efficient. To support applicants, we have commissioned Durham University to review the existing research literature on the impact of digital technology on learning. Professor Steven Higgins from Durham University also offers his thoughts and observations arising from his work in this field here.

Successful proposals will be robustly evaluated to improve our understanding of how the use of digital technologies can raise the attainment of pupils. We are seeking proposals from initiatives that have some existing evidence of improving learning outcomes or that build on wider evidence about effective strategies for raising attainment.  In a small number of cases, where there is limited evidence but a promising idea, we may be able to support pilot stage research to clarify claims and produce quantitative and qualitative evidence before undertaking further robust evaluation at a larger scale.

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