Could you reincarnate for a good cause?

The Karma Audit from Pimp My Cause

Social enterprise Pimp My Cause has declared 2013 a Year of Great Marketing Karma and is inviting marketers across the UK and beyond to contribute their talent and expertise to the good cause of their choice.

The Year has been inaugurated with the launch of the Karma Audit by the agency CMW London who are partnering with Pimp My Cause to make the most of the Year. 

The Karma Audit is a tongue-in- cheek app that connects to your LinkedIn profile and evaluates the karmic footprint of your marketing skills so far by analysing the data of your career history. The app gives you a clue as to how you may reincarnate based on current performance and offers you the chance to improve your destiny by changing the world for the better. But beware the karma god is pretty terrifying so this may not be for the feint-hearted.

You can help spread the word about the Karma Audit and help Pimp My Cause to engage more marketers in contributing more talent to more causes by joining other top marketers in re-incarnating your digital presence for a day or a week as the animal the audit predicts for your next life. To find out more contact

And for those of you with even more talent to share – by joining Pimp My Cause (which is free and only takes 5 minutes) you can access your choice of over 600 hundred good causes whose positive impact you can help to greatly increase by doing what you do best – marketing.

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