UKTI ‘Pop-Up’ Workshop on Doing Business in the USA, 14th January, 2013

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For digital media companies.

Place: 1, Victoria Street, London, SW1H 0ET

This session is both for veterans and first timers, it’s a chance to hear from those who have done it before and get up-to-date briefing on banking, legal, accounting and regulatory requirements to consider when working with the US.

The workshop is supported by HSBC, Grant Thornton, Lee and Thompson, Founders Forum and UKTI in Los Angeles

Areas to be covered:

  • Managing money – Opening accounts in USA, and regulation, Trading in USA, Growing your business, and Premier..
  • Accounting for money movements and necessary regulations between US and UK.
  • Digital assets, ownership location and taxes.
  • Contracts dealing with the US, terminology, normal practice

Running Order:

4.00pm     Banking, HSBC on- accounts, regulations, money transfers.

Sue Pearce – Regional Commercial Premier Manager

Julie Bowler – Senior International Commercial Manager

Phong Nguyen – Deputy Head of International Business USA

4.30pm      Legals, Lee and Thompson

Mark Ashelford, Head of Digital Media Group, Lee and Thompson

5.30pm      LA online – virtual briefing from UKTI LA with Carlo Cavagna, Vice Consul and US Sector Lead Creative and Media Industries, UKTI. 


Book a place by emailing Christine Davey (