Join Twelve to Fight Homelessness through Film

Twelve, starring Jethro Skinner

By Paul Skinner, Founder of Pimp My Cause

As we begin 2013, hopefully having enjoyed the seasonal festivities, let’s not forget that Christmas is one of the most important times of year for charities and online film can be one of the most powerful ways for them to make the most of their Christmas appeals. But not all charities have the marketing budget to get this right, which is where the pro bono marketing matching service Pimp My Cause comes in.

One plucky and innovative smaller homelessness charity, SHP, was in just such a position and has received a pro bono Christmas film by Catsnake as the result of a competition run through ‘Pimp My Cause’.

Over 50 great causes entered the competition hoping to win a creative film they could use to reach new audiences through an online viral video. SHP was chosen by Catsnake as the winner because it was the cause that they felt they could create the most value for with their work.

“Twelve”, the winning film, was launched as part of SHP’s Christmas appeal.

In just one minute the film takes a journey through the London streets, bringing out a bewildering mix of emotions as you share twelve months of homelessness with Jez (the hero). The creativity and depth that filmmakers Stephen Follows and Ed Dark bring to their work is amazing.

If you enjoy watching this beautiful Christmas story, do your part to prevent homelessness all year round by sharing the film with 12 friends, donating 12 or signing up for £12 updates a year.  And check out SHP’s website to read the back stories that inspired this film.

SHP’s Communications Manager, Dave Titmas, expressed their enthusiasm for working with Catsnake, “we entered the film competition because we were impressed by Catsnake’s ability to tell stories which engage and move people. If they could have half the office weeping over a love story between two milk bottles, we were sure they could help us tell powerful stories about homelessness and recovery.”

After working with Catsnake the SHP team was even more impressed, “we were expecting Ed and Stephen to be full of creativity and ideas, but it was their attention to detail that was staggering – from lining up the shots with the utmost precision, to drawing on their own personal experiences to produce a fantastic character profile. It was humbling to have a team of such talented people give up their time to promote our cause.”

Catsnake director Ed Dark shared why he was inspired by SHP, “I jumped at the chance to direct a pro bono film for SHP because I have had some very close friends who have suffered from homelessness.

Ed said that SHP’s work inspired everyone involved in making the film, “because of the nature of the subject we were able to secure one of our favourite actors (Jethro Skinner) and work with nearly all of our favourite crew. This is a testament to how everyone really got behind the powerful message we were trying to tell. The results are on the screen and I think we can all be extremely proud of our work.”

With unemployment and living costs rising more people are finding themselves in need of support to prevent homelessness.

Every year SHP helps 6,000 people rebuild their lives. Despite their efforts homelessness has risen by 35% in the last three years. You can help turn the tide by supporting the Twelve campaign.


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