How do you turn your programme into a game?

As growing numbers of broadcasters experiment with how to extend their brands and programmes across multiple formats, the question of how to exploit digital games still remains a bit of a mystery, for many.

From January 25-27, Creative England will be hosting Bristol’s annual Global Game Jam, organised by ExPlay. The event sees dozens of the South West’s best digital game developers taking part in a challenge to create a brand new game in just 48 hours.

This year we are offering the chance for broadcasters to become the fifth member of a four-person development team, to give them a unique insight into how a game is created and how your brand can extend in this new format. As a team member you’re invited to help shape an idea – inspired by your own brand – which will be turned into a prototype game in 48 hours.

It’s a perfect chance for TV and radio professionals to explore how their brand proposition might be extended to connect with a wider audience demographic. The games industry is now bigger the film industry and music industry. In a matter of years it has become one of the most prolific formats and a threat to traditional media. Games are used by people of all ages and social backgrounds via console (think Call of Duty), mobile (think Angry Birds) or social (think Farmville) and everything in between.

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