Audience on Demand launched

Creative England is partnering with Film London and Creative Skillset to launch new UK-wide training scheme Audience on Demand with a call for applications.

Addressing the rapidly changing face of feature film distribution across the globe, Audience on Demand provides filmmakers with the skills, knowledge and networks to face the challenge of selling their film in the marketplace, sourcing and maximising audiences while at the same time negotiating the impact of new digital technologies on the traditional routes of distribution and marketing.

The deadline for applications is 5pm on February 20 2013.

The three-month programme (April to June 2013) is aimed at first and second time feature filmmakers from across the UK with either a feature that has secured at least 50% production funding or is near completion.

Consisting of three intensive two-day workshops and a final pitch day to industry professionals, the scheme will aid the teams in creating a tailored distribution and marketing plan for their specific projects. The participants will also be supported through a dedicated mentor support programme in between the workshops.

Audience on Demand gives filmmmakers the tools and knowledge to assess their projects in order to ensure they find the largest audience possible. In turn this keeps filmmmakers’ businesses competitive, ultimately developing sustainable careers for emerging talent.

Adrian Wootton, Chief Executive of Film London & the British Film Commission, said: “We believe Audience on Demand is filling a very real skills gap which exists within our industry, especially for the UK’s emerging talent. It addresses the changing nature of feature film distribution, taking on board all the exciting and innovative ways film-makers across the globe are using to reach audiences. We hope Audience on Demand not only educates participants with what the options are, but also assists them in developing a bespoke distribution and marketing plan for their projects which they can then implement.”

Chris Moll, Head of Talent at Creative England, said: “Both Creative England and Film London have been in the vanguard of support for upcoming film-makers through ground-breaking initiatives such as iFeatures and Microwave. Audience on Demand gives us the opportunity to pool our experiences, knowledge and contacts around audiences and distribution, and to deliver an England-wide offer that helps our most entrepreneurial producers thrive in rapidly evolving marketplace.”

Dan Simmons, Head of Film at Creative Skillset, said:  “Creative Skillset is funding this project to drive up producers’ skills in distributing their films, helping them to learn innovative ways to take a film to market and reach a wider audience. It will connect producers with distribution networks and give them the skills on how to market their films. This is one of a number of distribution-related training schemes we have recently funded with the aim of developing market-savvy and well-connected producers.”

The programme will be divided across both the Film London and Creative England regions and successful applicants will be able to access bursary support.




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