Edinburgh International Film Festival is currently seeking applications for the second year of NETWORK

This is a talent development programme that offers access to a wide range of guidance, expertise and industry professionals. Network creates networks of allies, peers and information for its participants so that they can start to take part in the industry as working professionals; it is also entirely bespoke and approaches each project entirely separately.

Network is a development and mentoring project run by the EIFF in association with Kate Leys, supported by the Creative Scotland Creative Futures fund and by the Creative Skillset Film Skills Fund as part of A Bigger Future 2.

Between March and October 2013 we will be working with the teams behind several feature film projects to guide their script and project development. Participants will have some experience in the film industry and will be developing a strong, original feature project. Their project can be at any stage of development. Screenwriters, directors and producers can apply individually or in any combination. Detailed application guidelines and forms are available at www.edfilmfest.org.uk/talentdevelopment

Kate Leys said:

“Last year we worked with a total of 16 filmmakers across 9 projects and we moved all of them, and their films, forwards and out into the industry. It’s brilliant that Creative Skillset and Creative Scotland have given us the chance to run it again. You might want to keep an eye on our participants: sooner or later they’ll be coming to a cinema near you”.


Dan Simmons, Head of Film at Creative Skillset said:

“Network has proven itself to be an effective online training method for talent where distance is no longer a barrier. The tailored industry-mentoring approach means that teams can develop quickly and new connections and introductions are made which can give life to each project. We are pleased to be able to continue our support for this innovative programme, as well as for several other EIFF talent initiatives both at the festival and throughout the year”.


Network is based in a dedicated website and uses tools such as Skype, twitter and online messaging to connect its participants. Participants and mentors will meet together at the Edinburgh International Film Festival in June and at the London Film Festival in October; aside from those events, Network connects filmmakers without moving them all over the country. This means that it’s easier to work around professional commitments, and allows access to participants who would not usually be able to take part in this sort of project.

The films and their teams will all be at different stages of development. Network doesn’t try to bring them all into line with each other; we work to move them forwards from whatever stage they start at. The process is the same as professional development of any slate and mirrors industry practice as a way of helping participants start to understand and take part in the industry. Last year one team went from being a lone producer with an idea to a producer with an optioned book, a contracted screenwriter, an outline, an exec producer and Media development finance; another went from being a screenwriter with a story that wasn’t written down in any form to one with a detailed outline, an overseas shoot and a promo; another went from being a filmmaker with a two page outline to being a filmmaker with a detailed proposal, a producer, and £10k of development finance.


The closing date for applications is Friday 18 January 2013.

For more information visit www.eiffnetwork.com or follow us on Twitter @eiffnetwork

EIFF is also pleased to confirm that Creative Scotland’s Creative Futures fund will be supporting our partnership with the Rotterdam Lab at the International Film Festival Rotterdam in January; the Composers Lab and the Sound Lab both of which run during the Festival to support the career development and progression of emerging Composers and Sound Designers. Established film composers, games composers, sound designers, music supervisor and orchestrators are invited to share their experiences and advice with the group. The Sound Lab is run in partnership with Savalas Studios in Glasgow.

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