Learn more about the BFI’s plans to invest £500m in UK film

In a plan entitled Film Forever: Supporting UK Film 2012-2017, the British Film Institute (BFI)  has announced that it will invest almost £500 million in UK film over the next five years to help drive industry growth, increase audiences and build a vibrant film culture.

Film Forever outlines the BFI’s three key strategic priorities, funded by a combination of Grant in Aid from the Department of Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS), the BFI’s earned income and National Lottery funding, as:

  • Education and audiences (annual investment of £44.2m)
  • British film and filmmaking (annual investment of £32.3m)
  • Film heritage (annual investment of £9.9m).

Specific actions within the British film and filmmaking priority include:

  • More money for the production and development of UK films and new opportunities for documentary and animation filmmakers
  • A New Talent Network to discover, grow and nurture new UK film professionals
  • An updated and remodelled Prints and Advertising (P&A) Fund (the ‘Distribution Fund’)
  • A new International Fund including increased fundingfor the British Film Commission
  • The new BFI Business Development Fund, in partnership with Creative England, providing seed funding for new businesses in England
  • The new BFI Film Skills Fund, working in partnership with Creative Skillset
  • £5 million in capital funding for UK film schools.

Film Forever is the result of consultation with stakeholders including UK and international film industry professionals, cultural organisations, the public and the Government, which all started with Lord Smith’s Independent Film Policy Review in 2011. The BFI’s online consultation, which received almost 1,000 official responses, helped the BFI consolidate its plans in the areas of skills, diversity and international strategy.

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