Games For Film: We Have Three Winners!

Isn’t it great when a plan comes together?! At D-Media we are delighted to announce the winners of the ‘Games For Film’ Competition.

Based on the premise that you need to take risks to develop new business models, we approached Paul Durrant, University of Abertay and their Prototype Fund way back in Dec 2011, to see if they could invest in developing games technology to support the film industry. Specifically in ‘games’ or playful social interaction, used to stimulate audience engagement with a cinematic experience.

It took a while to get all of the partners on board but the competition was finally launched in August, when applicants submitted ideas answering one of the three challenges set by the film partners who are the British Film Institute and Lionsgate. The process, and rigorous systems have been provided by IC Tomorrow. Two of the challenges involved creating games that promote the upcoming theatrical release of two new British feature films supported by the BFI; Spike Island and Smash and Grab: The Story of the Pink Panthers. The additional challenge from Lionsgate called for proposals that demonstrate how games can be successfully used for a film’s cinematic or home entertainment release. The competition, funded by Abertay University’s Prototype Fund, challenged the next generation of UK games developers to create prototypes of computer games for the promotion of films.

Nine shortlisted applicants were invited to present their ideas to a panel of representatives from each company, at GameCity 7, in Nottingham.

After some intense decision-making, the following winners were announced for the categories below:

Smash and Grab: The story of the Pink Panthers – BFI (British Film Institute)

Peekabu Studios: Best Hands in the Business – “Best Hands in the Business is an interactive web and Smart TV application that lets players crack a safe with steady hands and a good ear.”

Spike Island – BFI (British Film Institute)

Moonshine Media: Dance Like A Manc – “‘DLAM’ is a mobile game that dances you in to the world of Spike Island. It’s lnstagram for the video you take on your phone.”

Onteca, Winners of the Lionsgate Challenge at the Games for Film Contest

Film Cinematic or Home Entertainment Release– (Lionsgate UK)

Onteca: Hunger Games Death Match Quiz (DMQ) – “A social game which fuses multi-player quiz game mechanics with Strategy and RPG elements. Play against each other to find a survivor.”
Winners for all categories will now receive up to £25K each to develop their prototype in partnership with the relevant contest partner. Winners will also have the opportunity to promote their prototype solution to the games and film industry via the D-Media network and the IC tomorrow programme and will be provided with support in resolving content delivery, licensing and meta-data issues related to the service or application.

And the really good news for those of you who are now saying – bother I missed that – is that Abertay’s Prototype fund is STILL OPEN! Deadline 5th December 2012 and you can apply directly to the fund.

Gina Fegan, Chief Excutive of D-Media, said: “My focus has been the games industry and film industry and figuring out how to work together and build on each other’s different skillsets. The games industry contributes real player engagement, but can it get audiences into cinemas? I am delighted that Abertay is willing to support this challenge and that we have been able to work with IC tomorrow to make it a reality.  The BFI has been a fantastic partner, particularly Katie Ellen, whose dedication to keeping the filmmakers central to the process has really paid off. The commitment from Lionsgate has also been greatly appreciated, and the whole process has demonstrated the need for greater discussion on how to work together to turn the digital pennies costs into audience generating pounds.”

Peekabu, winners of the Smash and Grab challenge at the Games for Film CompetitionMatt Sansam, programme manager at IC tomorrow, said: “Gamification is becoming a popular marketing medium, and the entertainment industry has tended to be an early adopter of innovative technology, to help it engage with its consumer audience. The awarding of these funds will help to not only further drive digital innovation in a £1billion strong games development sector, but will also play a vital role in helping to boost the film industry and British economy as a whole.”

Choosing a winner in each category was not an easy task as the judges felt that the finalists all offered differing yet innovative solutions to the challenges. However, in each case the selection was awarded to the applicant whom the judges felt had a combination of capability to deliver combined with a response to the challenge which directly approached the requirements whilst providing a new or creative approach.

Gina Fegan said: “We look forward to following the winner’s progress through to release and continuing D-Media’s work in bringing the industries together.  We hope to host an event for film & games companies to meet with film distributors early in 2013, so please get in touch if this is of interest or keep checking our website or sign up for our newsletter to be kept updated.”

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The University of Abertay is providing grants of up to £25,000 for Small or Medium Enterprises (SMEs) based in the UK who wish to prototype their own intellectual property (IP). They support games projects and other forms of interactive digital content, such as e-learning, visualisation, interactive exhibits, online film/broadcast media, or middleware. For more details and to apply visit:


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