Semantic Media Project Meeting – October, 2012

The Semantic Media project addresses the challenge of time-based navigation in large collections of media documents. In particular, one of the project’s central strategies is that (highly sophisticated) annotation should occur within the production process, so that not only consumers benefit from the introduction of new search, browsing, and recommendation technologies but also the producers of content (composers, musicians, script-writers, directors, actors). Managing and exposing this metadata using modern semantic web and linked data technology allows for uniting various sources of information which enables users to more effectively identify relevant content and thus helps to widen the consumer’s increasingly narrow bands of media experience. The project’s scope is the whole life-cycle of content with the goal of empowering human producers and consumers to effectively reuse, re-purpose, and personalize material, whether for entertainment, news, documentaries, education, interviews, health-care, science or security.

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