Pressat Unveils Sociable Online Newsrooms

Pressat, the news distribution platform developed by Manchester agency Atmedia have today announced the launch of “Your little Space”, a fully brandable social newsroom for businesses, brands and organisations wishing to open up communication channels with the media.

‘Your little space’ is a fully customisable news environment which allows users to tailor the visual look and feel to their specific brand colours. This can be enhanced with a plethora of sociable goodies such as a custom logo, social accounts, twitter timeline, bio, contact information, social widget and much more.

Users who kit out a third party newsroom would increase their online visibility across search engines and provide journalists, bloggers and customers with a central, clean, and accessible space where company specific news can be viewed.

In today’s fast paced and growing digitised media world, text based releases just don’t ‘cut the mustard’ anymore. People want to connect with brands in different ways. This includes watching videos and visiting social accounts, both of which are now accessible from within your newsroom at the simple click of a button.

Newsrooms can be created from within the Pressat dashboard and are completely free.

An example of a newsroom can be viewed here Pressat Newsroom for demonstration purposes or on the Tour page here Pressat Tour

About Pressat:

Pressat is a news release distribution service which harnesses the power of traditional and modern social media to increase client exposure across untapped channels.

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