IKinema Advances into Virtual Production with LiveAction

Industry known for best quality and realistic motion, IKinema’s new virtual production toolset, LiveAction allows real-time interaction between performance capture and high resolution CG assets and environments for the virtual world of movies and games

Innovative software developer, IKinema (www.IKinema.com) today announces the unveiling of their interactive real-time virtual production project, LiveAction at Siggraph, Los Angeles. Demonstrating motion capture animated by LiveAction and teamed with integrated RunTime qualities, Directors will soon view performance capture in near to final virtual environments during live takes.

Aiming to merge the quality gap between previz and final cut sequences, the software will allow Performance Artists to interact with pre-designed high res CG environments, including animated characters and props. LiveAction is set to make the workflows between Directors, Performance and Maya Artists a streamlined, faster and more creatively instinctive process for real-time performances.

Driving LiveAction’s core engine is their superior RunTime solver. Flexibility is enabled by its real-time retargeting and marker solving capabilities, and the quality rendering engine is capable of playing high res Maya designed FBX scenes. The real-time link between Maya and LiveAction will allow direct control of the RunTime solvers, virtual cameras and live MoCap streaming as the performance takes place.

“IKinema is all about quality, speed and strength”, said Alexandre Pechev, CEO, IKinema. “Bringing our technology into the virtual production arena, and narrowing the gap between performance capture and final production quality is a perfect fit for us. We’re excited to work more closely with industry experts to shape LiveAction as the industries product of choice.”

Intended as open platform, Developers will have the freedom to modify and customize the core code and shader’s depending on the project’s needs. Pipelines equipped with such malleable technology, will see scope for more creative and technical objectives unavailable in traditional methods. Based on OpenGL, LiveAction will be available on Linux, Mac and Windows. Expected release, Fall 2012.

IKinema Technology

IKinema technology enables users to create and retarget data directly inside Maya, in real-time and for a fraction of the cost of alternative solutions. IKinema converts virtually any skeleton model to a full feature rig while generating fluid and life-like full-body animation for a wide range of characters. Retargeting can also be executed from other models, for rapid customizations of existing assets, or directly from motion capture data such as position markers and joint data. Additional features include real-time links to Vicon and Xsens motion capture systems for real-time streaming, retargeting and recording of data, as well as automatic balance and center of mass control for rapid animation. For more information and a technology video, please visit: http://www.ikinema.com/Maya.html Credits include: Wrath of the Titans, Xmen: First Class, IKinema inside modo 601, Rise of the Planet of the Apes.

Products: Action, RunTime, WebAnimate

About IKinema

Based in the UK, IKinema™ uses patent-pending technology for fast full-body solving and animation. With customers ranging from Framestore’s London Studio to Twentieth Century Fox’s pre-visualization department, IKinema’s technology enables animators to rig characters and stream, record and retarget motion capture data in a fraction of the time and cost of alternative solutions. Available as game middleware, standalone software or an online solution, IKinema’s technology is poised to radically simplify the motion capture workflows for professional production studios and bring real-time motion editing within the reach of home users.

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