Assessment, Edu Reform Head Topics at Serious Play Conference

Do non-entertainment games really work? Can game-based learning lead to education and corporate training reform?

What are the hurdles that are keeping schools, companies, society from using games to their full potential?

Some of the brightest minds evaluating non-entertainment games will cover recent breakthroughs re ROI and the prospects for education and training reform at Serious Play Conference, Tuesday – Thursday, August 21 – 23 at DigiPen Institute of Technology, just outside Seattle in Redmond, Wash.

Speakers looking at game effectiveness include:

  • Eva Baker, Director, CRESST at UCLA
  • David Gibson, CEO, simSchool
  • Ken Spero, Executive Director, Immersive Learning University
  • Jason Scott Earl, Brigham Young University-Idaho
  • John Low, Chief Creative Officer, Carney
  • Patrick Shepherd, Education Director, U.S. Office of Government Ethics
  • Jenn McNamara, Vice President, Serious Games, BreakAway
  • Lawrence Suda, CEO, Paladine; NASA consultant
  • Helen Routledge, Instructional Design Manager, Pixel Learning
  • Ran Hinrichs, CEO, 2b3d

Panelists and speakers on the use of games in education and training include:

· Andrew Miller, Educational Consultant, Edutopia

· Douglas Whatley, CEO, BreakAway Games

· Puja Dasari, Digital Learning Manager, California Academy of Sciences

· Sam Adkins, Chief Research Officer, Ambient Insight

· Heidi Boisvert, CEO, futurePerfect lab

· Dan Norton, Creative Director, Filament Games

· Brendan Noon,

· Dr. Chris Haskell, Clinical Assistant Professor, Boise State University

· David Metcalf, Researcher, Univ of Central Florida

· Phaedra Boinodiris, Serious Games Program Manager, IBM

· James Oker, Director of Program Management, Microsoft Research

· Parvati Dev, CEO, CliniSpace

At the conference, Interpret, a prominent Los Angeles-based cross-media market research firm will unveil the results of a study commissioned by the Serious Games Association. Topics explored included:

· The market opportunity in various sectors

· Growth segments

· The challenges facing the industry

“If you want to understand how games can impact STEM education and early learning programs, as well as training at all levels of corporate, health care and government/military instruction, then join us to hear the leaders in the field,” Clark Aldrich, Conference Director, Serious Play Conference, said. “This is a conference that will give you answers.”

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