£1.8m Convergence in a Digital Landscape: Challenge 2 opens on 16th July

The second Challenge of the TSB’s £1.8m Convergence in a Digital Landscape funding call will open on 16th July. The Challenge focuses on projects that will lead to true cross-platform origination of content, collaborative generation of ideas, and new business models for content based on cross-media formats and consumption.

Projects must be business-led and are open to small and micro companies working either singly or in collaboration with one another. Academics can apply, but only as part of a consortium. Projects should last up to 12 months and are eligible for grants of up to £56,250 or 75% of total costs. Total project costs must not exceed £75,000.

The deadline for applications for Challenge 2 is noon on 22nd August, and successful projects must begin no later than 1st November. 

Interested in applying?

CIKTN will be hosting events in London (17th July), Manchester (24th July) and Glasgow (25th July) to provide information about the funding available and the opportunity to engage in some exciting debates around digital convergence.

You can also watch our videos of speakers at our recent Funding Application Support Seminar to pick up top tips on how to complete a TSB application form:

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