StumbleUpon debuts UK version of web discovery tool

StumbleUpon has launched its content discovery engine to the UK market, with a new website and mobile apps.


Formed in Canada in 2001, StumbleUpon aims to ‘reinvent browsing’ letting users share and browse recommended sites.

Key Stumbles can be shared via email, StumbleUpon, Facebook and Twitter and more.

StumbleUpon learns what users like and suggests web pages based on many factors including those one choose to follow, and the Likes of more than 25 million users.

According to data from UK members who have been using the US version of StumbleUpon, male Stumblers are most interested in technology, photography and the latest gadgets whilst females enjoy content about books, fashion and magic and illusion.

However, interestingly it appears that the UK as a nation is not interested in information on sexual health, relationships and fitness compared to their US counterparts.

As part of the UK launch, StumbleUpon has partnered with several prominent UK businesses including Hearst UK (publisher of Elle and Cosmopolitan), IPC Media (publisher of Marie Claire, NME and goodtoknow), and Spotify.

For brands, there are several ways that they can work with StumbleUpon to expand their reach. StumbleUpon has many tools that partners can add to their site to increase traffic such as badges and widgets.
More information can be found here ( In additon, brands can use StumbleUpon’s Paid Discovery ad platform ( which enables them to target customers using sponsored web and mobile pages within the StumbleUpon content discovery experience.
“We think the premise of StumbleUpon — to connect users with the relevant material on the Internet — has universal appeal, and we are therefore excited to officially bring our brand of serendipitous discovery to the UK market” said Marc Leibowitz, Vice President of Worldwide Business Development at StumbleUpon. Mr. Leibowitz continues “in order to ensure that material found on our engine is relevant to the UK customer we have partnered with UK centric businesses to bring the most recent information to our customers and we look forward to expanding this portfolio in the near future”.

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