NextGen – at the heart of the UK’s digital networks transformation

The sustainable development of every aspect of the UK’s economy, our enterprises, our communities and government, is increasingly dependent on the quality of the digital infrastructure. The way we all live (and the way we work) is informed and enabled by this basic investment.

Making these access networks fit for new purposes is a huge challenge – an infrastructure investment of £3bn every year until 2017 – and yielding massive benefits for UK enterprise and societal development.

At NextGen events, independently of suppliers, technologies and services, we provide the space and freedom for knowledge transfer, collaborative planning, community development and the sharing of great ideas, to help with this massive digital transformation

NextGen 12 dates announced – 8 and 9 October 2012 – Church House Conference Centre – Westminster – London!

Contact the organisers for speaking, sponsorship and partnership opportunities.

NextGen – sharing ideas and forging new partnerships

The 2012 series of events – inludes four NextGen Roadshows (York, South West, Milton Keynes and Scotland) . NextGen 12 the national annual Conference will be informed by the views of our Connected Causes - people and organisations outside the telecom sector but very much impacted by developments - if you’d like to be involved use the Contact Form to get in touch.

Presentations from the 2011 events are available from this website and interviews with many of the speakers and sponsors can be seen on NextGen TV

NextGen Challenge 2012 - the premier awards to showcase the best in next generation digital access infrastructure innovation will be launched at the York Roadshow. Case studies from the winners and runners up from 2011 can be downloaded here.

Increased engagement in Next Generation Network deployments by local government organisations and enterprise leaders reflect the reality that after years of debate and delay the UK is now waking up to the economic growth prospects enabled by advanced digital networks.NextGen provides the platform for sharing ideas, understanding the opportunities and forging new partnerships.

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