Facebook launches App Centre

The App Centre will be rolled out over the coming weeks and aims to display the finest Ios, Android, mobile and web apps.

Facebook’s ambition is to help people discover “the best apps” which their friends enjoy using.

The social network, which now has more than 900 million members, will also sell its own apps through the store. The move is being seen as a shrewd one by technology analysts because the App Centre will allow the social network to showcase the best apps, based on its extensive social data, which allow users to login using their Facebook details via Connect.

And it will also encourage more developers to create bespoke paid-for apps for Facebook.com. All developers who create paid-for apps solely created for Facebook, will have to share 30 per cent of the price with the social network.

However, when promoting popular apps such as Spotify or Pinterest, Facebook’s App Centre will simply list which stores they are available through – without taking a cut of the price.

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