Creative England and Creative Industries iNet launch Shortcut Marketing programme

Creative England and the Creative Industries iNet have launched the Shortcut Marketing workshops, helping busy creatives create clear, crisp, targeted strategies.

If you’re responsible for marketing a small business, chances are it’s not your only job. So it’s important you don’t waste precious ‘marketing time’ doing jobs that don’t work, but you do spend it on activities which connect you directly with the customers you want.

Shortcut Marketing is designed to do just that. It won’t turn you into a marketing guru but, instead, over five intensive sessions, it will help you identify the most important actions your business should take – to sell who you are and what you do, and arm you with a realistic and achievable plan to carry them out.

The workshops will help you position your company or product, identify and target the right customers, and develop a properly-considered marketing strategy which you can be confident will get you noticed by the people you want to sell to, as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Marketing and business development is not, as many believe, a dark art. Shortcut Marketing will introduce you to the basic rules every part-time marketer should follow.

More importantly it will help you tailor them for your own business, backed up by one-to-one advice and guidance from creative marketing experts Consultrix.

Shortcut Marketing begins on Tuesday, June 26. It includes five one-day workshops over the subsequent three months, with ‘homework assignments’ between each session.

It usually costs £1500, but Creative England are able to offer a fantastic subsidy to bring the cost down to £395. For fulldetails, a workshop breakdown and how to apply, click here.

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