Launch of the Future Cities £25m Demonstrator competition and call to help shape the Catapult

On 11th June the Government announced its latest Technology Strategy Board investment, a Future Cities Catapult and £25m Demonstrator Programme.

Help shape CIKTN’s input into the Future Cities Catapult

CIKTN is working as part of the Future Cities Special Interest Group to help map out what the programme, facilities and capabilites of the Catapult should be. CIKTN will be working specifically in the area of Citizen & User Centred Solutions, demonstrating the value of design-led and user-friendly approaches.

Over the coming months we will be holding consultations and presenting case studies which illustrate how the creative industries can add value to the growth and development of Future Cities. If you have any suitable case studies or exemplars of good practice in areas such as open-source data, urban renewal, DIY communities, smart energy, low carbon emissions, etc, please comment below or send to

Help shape the Future Cities Catapult 

Following a public consultation period, the TSB and Future Cities Special Interest group turned comments and advice from stakeholders into a vision and scope document, which was agreed with the Governing Board of the Technology Strategy Board.

An online survey has been created to enable individuals and organisations, including companies, academic centres, cities and NGOs, to comment on the vision and scope, and to point out any gaps or inconsistencies. This will help to create the business plan. The deadline for completion is midnight on 9th July.

A webinar will be held from midday-1pm on 22nd June, providing you with an opportunity to find out more about the Catapult and ask your questions to the Future Cities Team at the TSB - register here.

Enter the £25m Future Cities Demonstrator Competition 

Over the last few months, the TSB has been working to develop a competition that will produce the biggest impact they can achieve with the available investment. The competition is now live and a briefing webinar will be held between 9:30-10:30 on 22nd June register here.

Deadline for registration to submit to this competition: 28th June. 

Deadline for applications: 5th July.

The funding will be awarded to the city or urban area in the UK that submits the best proposal for a large scale ‘future cities demonstrator’, showing how the city’s multiple systems will be integrated and how challenges in the city will be addressed. In the context of this competition, a city is a contiguous urban area with a population of at least 125,000.

The competition will run in two stages. Local governments and local authorities will be invited to initially bid for one of twenty £50,000 grants to carry out a feasibility study and to develop their demonstrator project proposal. The cities that have completed the feasibility study will then be invited to submit a proposal for the large scale demonstrator – and one successful city will be awarded £24m funding to implement their proposal.

The project will demonstrate, at scale and in use, the additional value that can be created by integrating a city’s systems. It will enable businesses to test – in practice – new solutions for connecting and integrating individual city systems, and allow cities to explore new approaches to delivering a good local economy and excellent quality of life, whilst reducing the environmental footprint and increasing resilience to environmental change.

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