UBIQ Announces Conference Program And The Participation Of YouTube

One month before the opening of UbiQ Paris ­ the Digital Entertainment Showcase (conference & exhibition) taking place on June 18-19, 2012 ­ Gwenael Flatres, Founder of UbiQ EVENTS, announced 226 registered companies (to date), 30 represented countries (to date), 10 conference tracks and more than 70 high-level international speakers.

The conference program for both the showcases and the masterclasses are now available online: http://ubiqeurope.com/contact/program/

UbiQ facilitates sharing experience between the entertainment industries (TV, Music, Games, and Brand Content) by applying a strict format in which each speaker must present a case study addressing specific angles during the alloted time : 20 minute presentations for keynotes, 10 minutes for showcase speakers and 15 minutes for masterclasses. The originality of the event lies in the presentation format.

63 previously announced speakers at UbiQ Paris include Randi Zuckerberg, former Marketing Director of Facebook and current CEO of RtoZ Media; Doug Scott, President of Ogilvy Entertainment; Louis-Pierre Pharand, Director of Transmedia at Ubisoft Canada; Philip Bourchier O’Ferrall, SVP Digital Media of Viacom International Media Networks; Gwen Bethel Riley, Head of Music Business Affairs at Disney Mobile; Eric Klinker, CEO of BitTorrent and Allen De Bevoise, CEO of Machinima.

The newest addition to the showcase is a session including Denis Ladegaillerie, Founder and President of Believe Digital, and Christophe Muller, Director of Partnerships for YouTube Google SEEMEA Region, as well as artists that were discovered on YouTube.

« With more than 72 hours of video uploaded every minute and more than 4 billion videos viewed daily, YouTube is the essential platform for dissemination and promotion of artists, content creators and advertisers of all sizes. We are pleased to participate in the first edition of UbiQ to share feedback from our partners such as the great success story that is now Believe Digital. » says Christophe Muller of YouTube.

Participants from 30 countries originate from France, UK, USA, Brazil, Germany, Spain, Netherlands, Italy, Russia, Poland, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Jordan, Israel, Singapore, Taiwan, Australia and many more.

The most recent prestigious sponsors and partners include Zodiak Active (Italy), La Fonderie – the digital agency of Region Ile de France (France), Conviva (USA), Ooyala (USA) the technology partner, Spacejunk (US) a live action, motion design and animation studio based in Columbus, Ohio and Los Angeles, California and Region Ile de France as well as previously announced sponsors including INA and Horyzon Media, the media sales house of the Pages Jaunes Group.

Gwenael Flatres, Founder and CEO of UbiQ Events, stated, « The music industry has suffered greatly over the past decade due to the deployment of the internet and piracy but has finally found new economic models.

Television is about to undergo a detrimental shock with the arrival of connected TV, tablets and VOD. The video game industry is facing new challenges with digital distribution but is discovering new opportunities for growth through social networks as well as producers and distributors of TV content, music, books and magazines. Artists have become full-fledged media through their communities with millions of fans. Audiences are fragmenting and advertisers have to follow their audiences. Therefore media and advertising must reinvent their function around the notion of engagement and complementary channels in the digital sphere. UbiQ is here to accompany this movement. »



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