Shaping the CDE Catapult to support digital SMEs – Sheffield, 1st June 2012

Fri 01 Jun 2012 – Electric Works, Sheffield, United Kingdom


The Technology Strategy Board and the Connected Digital Economy Special Interest Group are holding a workshop in Sheffield on June 1st to explore ways in which the Connected Digital Economy Catapult can be shaped to engage and help innovative SMEs. This workshop, aimed at SMEs, is being hosted in Sheffield allowing organisations that have not been able to attend the previous events in London and Bristol, the opportunity to get involved.

The workshop will start with a presentation on the vision, scope and process for the establishment of the Catapult and will be a chance for participants to understand and debate the range of ways companies will be able to work with the catapult, including strategic partnerships, delivery partnerships, and participation in projects and use of resources and facilities.

The main part of the workshop will delve into and debate the type of resources and facilities that the centre could provide that would benefit SMEs once the centre is established.

The information captured from the debate will be used as part of the ongoing development phase of the CDE Catapult and will form valuable input into the initial business plan for the  centre.

The workshop will invite those SMEs that responded to the Registration of Interest and those involved in the digital community.  If you think you should have received an invitation but don’t have an email, please contact Anita Onwuegbuzie (

To register to attend the workshop, please click on the link following link


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