IKinema software review by 3D World

IKinema’s popular IK solver is back with a fresh name and a smattering of new features. Gary Marshall gets in on the Action

PRICE: £890 Upgrade
PLATFORM: Windows / Mac / Linux

  • New stretchy IK functionalities
  • Refined retargeting algorithm
  • Retarget directly from motion capture markers
  • Two distinct solving modes for setup and final animation


Having reviewed the first version of IKinema back when it was the debutante at the solvers’ ball (Reviews, 3D World 142), it’s refreshing to have seen the plug-in gain widespread adoption and generally make a good name for itself.

For those unaware of the previous release, IKinema offered Maya users a package of animation tools based upon a revolutionary IK solver. Distilled from research into control armatures, the key selling points were the ability to quickly set up characters for animation with a few clicks in a tidy interface.    Read The Full Review


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