CIKTN Event: Concept to Customer: Connecting Partners and Catalysing Investment

When: 10:00 – 17:00, 7th June, 2012

Venue: Judge Business School, University of Cambridge, Trumpington Street, Cambridge CB2 1AG


Concept to Customer: Connecting Partners and Catalysing Investment is the first in a series of experimental events organised by Creative Industries KTN (CIKTN) in conjunction with Cartezia and the Centre for Entrepreneurial Learning, Judge Business School, Cambridge University.

The workshop will be curated by Dr Uday Phadke (CIKTN’s Investment Theme Champion) and will bring together Creative & Digital Technology SMEs, Large Media and Corporates from Creative Industries with investors and funders.   We will be using Riffstream#, a methodology developed by Uday and Cartezia to maximise the value of the networking at this event.

Our overall aim for the event is to explore new ways of facilitating collaboration across Creative Industries sectors, technologies and with investors.  Specifically in the context of generating new projects and partnerships as the basis for delivering innovation and securing funding.   The day’s activities will be focussed upon 2 themes:

  • Entertainment, Advertising & e-commerce
  • Health, Lifestyle & Communities

What is Riffstream#?  Developed by Dr Uday Phadke and Cartezia, Riffstream is a methodology for curating networking events by creating an opportunity to turn project ideas into products/services which can be tested within an environment of potential partners, investors and customers.  To read more about the Riffstream# concept visit to find out more


What will the day include?

  • Plenary Presentations and Panel Discussions: Delivered by leading industry representatives providing cutting edge insights into the above themes.
  • Showcasing Ideas: Providing a platform for SMEs and creative/digital entrepreneurs to showcase/present their current project ideas relevant to the above themes.
  • Structured Networking: Opportunities to network with Creative & Digital Technology SMEs, corporates and large media companies to help find potential partners, investors and/or customers.

Who is the event aimed at?

  • Creative and Digital SMEs
  • Large Media and Creative Industry Companies
  • Investors and Funders (angels, venture capitalists, private equity, banks and corporates)
  • Those interested in the Technology Strategy Board’s planned Connected Digital Economy Catapult.
See the Agenda: Click here for more details about the event agenda.

Background to the event and the RiffStream# Methodology

CIKTN recognizes that connecting market spaces to technologies, based on sustainable business models, lies at the heart of the challenge facing SME’s, corporates and investors: the key to success lies in successfully crossing this investment and development Chasm.

RiffStream# is an experimental approach to accelerating new business creation. The idea behind this approach, based on a musical analogy, is to provide an interactive environment where players from different disciplines can interact to synthesize and test new ideas and relationships with other SMEs, corporates, and investors.

Players in the RiffStream#can benefit by:

  • Better understanding of their role in their business eco-system.
  • Matching their ideas to potential markets with a clear definition of the product or service they can take to market.
  • Clarity on potential business models and their revenue, cost and investment envelopes.
  • Relationships with potential suppliers and partners.
  • Early dialogues with potential funders, investors and customers.

Why should you attend?

As well as offering structured networking opportunities and sharing insightful knowledge from leading industry figures, our Concept to Customer event will also provide a platform for SMEs and creative/digital entrepreneurs to showcase their project ideas or products relevant to the event’s themes below, to an audience of potential partners, investors and/or customers for up to 10 minutes.

  • Entertainment, Advertising & e-commerce
  • Health, Lifestyle & Communities

If you are working on projects within these areas and would like to present at this session,

We will then contact you to provide a clear briefing and confirm your presenting slot.

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