TIGA Games Contest winners announced

The Independent Games Developers Association

The winners of the TIGA Games Contest, funded by the University of Abertay Dundee’s Prototype Fund, have been announced. Over fifty delegates gathered in London to watch the shortlist applicants battle it out to win up to£25k each for the development of prototype games, free TIGA membership, support and mentoring.

The competition, open to computer games developers, offered four prizes across three categories: games on-the move, games in-the-home and social web gaming. The event to announce the winners, organised with IC tomorrow as part of CIKTN’s ‘Partnering for Innovation’ programme, saw the following innovators triumph:

Games on the Move, supported by Antix Labs

•       Fangs Out! by Guerilla Tea– Control model themed helicopters and engage in aerial combat using assorted weaponry– a multiplayer mobile game

Social Web Gaming, supported by Turbulenz

•       Burrow by Remode – A sci-fi strategy in a post-apocalyptic galaxy. Command robots, mine resources, defend your burrow and uncover the mystery of mankind’s demise

•       Squaddies by PLA Studios – Steam punk mercenary hire ‘n’ fire ‘em-up. Pick your team, fight the good fight, swap and trade squad members for profit

Games in the Home, supported by Antix Labs

•       Clockwork Racers by Opposable Games – Wind up your toys and compete in multiplayer racing mayhem! Be fastest on your handset to win power-ups and don’t lose track of the action!

Nick Appleyard, Head of Digital at the Technology Strategy Board, said:“As well as receiving£25,000, working with the likes of Abertay University, TIGA, Turbulenz and Antix is a fantastic opportunity for any company. We wanted to find real innovators that could showcase the talent that already lies here in the UK. Now is the time for gaming, lets show what it can do”.

The winning games were chosen by a panel of judges including representatives from TIGA, Abertay University and the Technology Strategy Board, as well as an investor and journalist.

Paul Durrant, Director of Business Development at Abertay University, said:“We had some really innovative entries in response to the challenges, but these four companies really shone. The Abertay Prototype Fund is delighted to be able to support companies like these who can often struggle to find the funding to showcase their talents”.

Francis Charig, Chief Executive, Antix Labs said:“It’s important to meet the changing expectations of consumers. Playing games socially should include playing games when in immediate proximity with friends and family whether that be sharing, challenging and playing with your friends when on the move or around the TV with your family interacting with phones and tablets. Guerilla Tea and Opposable Games impressed with the way they addressed these crucial use cases.”

Gavin Shields, Chief Operating Officer at Turbulenz, said “We were looking for game concepts that would embrace the emergence of high quality HTML5 web gaming, while also bringing a new dimension of social connectivity to those games. Games are becoming more and more social and gamers expect to be able to play with friends, compete, collaborate and share.  Remode and PLA Studios really hit the nail on the head and we are eager to get working with them.”

Dr Richard Wilson, TIGA CEO, said:“TIGA is a trade association of developers for developers and so we instinctively understand the challenges that new studios face. TIGA is focused on enabling small and start-up studios to achieve their potential. The TIGA Games Contest is an innovative way of helping us to achieve this objective. By working with Abertay, Antix Labs, IC Tomorrow and Turbulenz we are helping to make a real difference to some exciting new development studios.”

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