Destination Local – London: £1M TSB and NESTA Funding for Hyper Local Media – 02 May 2012

When: 13:30 – 17:00, 2 May 2012

Venue: Thistle Marble Arch, Bryanston Street, London W1H 7EH


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More than 1 Million Pounds Worth of Funding Available for Hyper Local Media projects

Join us at the Thistle Marble Arch for an information and networking event hosted by Creative Industries KTN around two new funding competitions for Hyper-local media projects from the Technology Strategy Board and NESTA.

The Technology Strategy Board and NESTA have announced two complementary programmes worth over 1 million pounds for innovators working on next generation, hyper-local cross-media platforms and enabling technologies that will drive new service offerings, reach out into communities and provide conduits for public services.  The joint programme is called Destination Local.

This session will provide an opportunity for potential applicants to learn more about the programme and how to apply to it.


Register your place to obtain

  • Key Information about the competition and application process from NESTA and the Technology Strategy Board
  • Detailed information on deadlines & eligibility



The Technology Strategy Board & NESTA are working in partnership to offer two parallel funding competitions intended to identify the technologies, business models, content opportunities and challenges for a successful hyperlocal media sector in the UK.  The joint programme is called Destination Local.

Technology Strategy Board Competition – Up to £600,000

The Technology Strategy Board’s competition, which is to explore the feasibility of cross media platforms and enabling technologies

  • Will focus on enabling technologies and applications that can power a new generation of hyper-local media services
  • Can include mobile, augmented-reality and location-based services and devices
  • May extend to the creation of platforms that enable smart multiple input and output to different media types and that enable collaborative remote production processes.
Grant Offered for Proposals: £56,250 and 75% funding with total a project cost at £75K


Technology Strategy Board Key Dates:

  • Competition Open - 23 April 2012
  • Optional Briefing - 02 May 2012 (held in the morning at the same venue as this event)
  • Deadline for Registration - 16 May 2012
  • Deadline for Applications - 23 May 2012

To also REGISTER for the morning briefing event click here.


NESTA Competition – Up to £500,000

Destination Local – NESTA is offering 10 organisations up to £50,000 to develop next generation of hyperlocal media services. In particular, they are looking for prototypes that make the most of mobile technologies to deliver geographically-relevant local media.

NESTA’s goal in funding the prototypes is to understand what new business models may be required, what types of service work well with audiences and the challenges and opportunities of using mobile technologies.  Successful applications will be able to demonstrate how they help to understand these themes.

  • Local media plays two important roles in people’s lives. It is both functional, telling us what is going on, where and when, and also emotional, helping us to feel that we belong to our local community.
  • People feel attached not just to their city, town or village, but also to their neighbourhood and street. New, location-based technology offers a potential revolution for very local – “hyperlocal” – media services delivering content at a local level.
  • NESTA wants to understand the potential economic and social opportunities for hyperlocal media in the UK. It has launched a new programme – Destination Local – to understand and stimulate the development of this emerging sector.


NESTA Key Dates:

  • Competition Open - 29 March 2012
  • Deadline for Applications - 17 May 2012 (11:00 a.m.)



Key Information Documents:

Read the Technology Strategy Board Competition Brief here - image
This document will provided full details of the competition

Read the NESTA Hyperlocal Review here - NESTA Hyperlocal Review

This review offers insight on the diverse, creative and emerging sector of hyperlocal media


What happens after the Destination Local competitions close?

Successfully funded applicants in Technology Strategy Board’s challenge 1 will have the opportunity to meet with and potentially collaborate with NESTA- funded projects that focus on the content and service aspects of hyperlocal media

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