56th BFI London Film Festival submissions open

Open submissions

Deadline for receipt of online submission forms and screeners:

• Short films (40 mins or less) - 22 June 2012
• Feature length films (more than 40 mins) - 6 July 2012

Please fill in the required fields through the online submission form if you wish to submit your film for consideration for the 56th BFI London Film Festival, and for international features and shorts please complete the PayPal form which you will be directed to from the online submission form.

For UK shorts and features – Please complete the online form here.

For International shorts and features – Please complete the online form and PayPal payment here.

(Please note international features and shorts will not be considered without completed payment confirmation and completion of the correct online form).



There are no fees for UK features or shorts.

The fee for International features is £45 including VAT.

The fee for International shorts is £15 including VAT.

Packages post (or courier) marked on or before the deadline will be accepted.

On completion of your online submission (and completion of payment for International submissions), you will be emailed a confirmation email. Please include this with a DVD copy of the film plus a synopsis and/or press kit as soon as possible, and your PayPal receipt for international submissions. Please ensure the following information is included when you send your screener:

• Online submission confirmation email
• PayPal receipt for international features
• English Title / Original Title
• Director’s name
• Country of Production
• Running Time
• Full contact details including postal address, telephone number and email address.



For viewing purposes we accept any region DVD. Please ensure there is sufficient postage when sending submissions as we will be unable to retrieve any package with insufficient postage. Viewing material should be insured by the sender and sent via airmail or courier (at the sender’s expense) to the address sent to you on your confirmation email.

If you do not have a DVD and would like to submit your film in another format please contact us. Under certain circumstances and by prior arrangement we can also view Beta SP and DigiBeta (Pal or NTSC) and work on 35mm.

If you would like to submit an online screening link for your film, please contact us directly. While some of our programming team are happy to view online, we would prefer to receive DVD screener submissions.

The programme is finalised between July and September. You will hear from us by mid September at the latest, normally by email. If your contact details change during this period please let us know so that we may update our records.



1. The BFI London Film Festival is presented by the British Film Institute.

2. The BFI London Film Festival is an annual event based at the BFI Southbank and other central London venues. It runs for 16 days and wherever possible each film is presented at least twice and up to four times.

3. Programming decisions are made at the discretion of the Head of Exhibition of the BFI and the programming team.

4. All films screened in the festival must be at least UK Premieres. Prior theatrical, UK Festivals, television screenings, internet transmission or DVD releases in the UK disqualify films from entry. For competition films, preference will be given to European, international and world premieres. Entries must have been produced within the last 18 months. Films that have screened before the previous BFI London Film Festival at international festivals are ineligible for open submission.

5. Fees - BFI Festivals do not charge fees for UK features or UK shorts (please see pt6 for UK production eligibility). The fees for non-UK film (international shorts and features) are as follows:
a. The fee for international shorts (40 minutes or under) is £15 including VAT and payable via the online submission form using PayPal.
b. The fee for international features (over 40 minutes) is £45 including VAT and payable via the online submission form using PayPal.

6. UK Productions - To be eligible for consideration as a UK feature or short, in the first instance, the film must have been made by a UK Film Production Company (FPC) which is registered with companies house and has been certified as a British film under either:
a. The Cultural Test (Schedule 1 to the Films Act 1985)
b. One of the UK’s official bilateral co-production treaties; or
c. The European Convention on Cinematographic Co-production

This is consistent with overall BFI policy. Please consult the following link for further information:industry.bfi.org.uk/qualifying. For short films, the company need not have registered but should at least be wholly capable of qualifying as a British film.

7. All feature films in a language other than English must be subtitled in English. Short subjects carry the same requirement for English subtitling, unless dialogue or commentary is unnecessary for comprehension and appreciation.

8. Exhibition materials of officially selected films will be insured and shipping costs will be incurred by the BFI London Film Festival.

9. No cuts or changes in any film will be made by the festival management for any reason.

10. Excerpts from films will only be shown on all media for promotional purposes if permission is obtained from the producer / rights holder.

11. All information with regard to press and industry viewing permissions are detailed on Official Selection forms received once a film has been officially selected. You may also be contacted by our press and industry teams in these instances.

12. The BFI London Film Festival is open to the public. A substantial number of accredited national and international press, TV and film buyers and distributors also participate.

13. Official or professional national organisations and individuals may submit feature and short films to the festival. Open submissions for short films submitted for our consideration should arrive no later than, or be postmarked by, 22 June 2012; feature films no later than 6 July 2012, and must be shipped as per instructions on the email received after submitting your online submission form.

14. Multiple films being submitted by national film agencies and institutes or film schools for special dispensation should contact the Programme department to lffsubmissions@bfi.org.uk.

15. Please note it is not possible for us to return any DVDs sent to us through open submissions.

16. Submission of a film represents agreement with the regulations set forth here.

17. Due to the amount of submissions we receive, it is BFI London Film Festival policy not to offer comments or reasons for films not selected for the programme.

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