IKinema Chosen by Leading Studios for Advanced Solver and Flexible Animation Processes

Ikinema March offerAudiomotion selects the newly released IKinema Action 2.0 for their pipeline 

Industry heads are turning to IKinema for its powerful full body solver, and advanced animation processes. Leading studios, the likes of Framestore, 20th Century Fox, Disney, and Industrial Light & Magic have since integrated IKinema Action to help with their motion capture, marker solving, and retargeting work. Now, Audiomotion Studios, UK motion capture experts are fast realizing the advancements made to their pipeline using IKinema’s technology.

Action enhances Maya’s toolset, and outperforms other solvers for speed and robustness. After realizing the artists’ need for increased flexibility to bone manipulation, StretchIK became an important addition to the newly released 2.0.

Always looking to advance their pipeline, Tim Doubleday, Audiomotion’s Creative Director comments. “In the past we’ve relied on Motionbuilder for our body solving from markers and more recently we’ve added Vicon’s Blade software into the pipeline. These solutions work well but still limit some body movement, mainly getting the arms and clavicles to move naturally as well as the spine and neck.”

Audiomotion makes use of Action’s advanced features for a one to one match of an actors’ skeleton. The spine and neck stretch capabilities come into play where the rig behaves more naturally, and especially for hard to solve poses.

Doubleday points out, “A classic example of this and one which is very common in videogames is when the actor is in a squat position with their shoulders hunched forwards. There are a number of things that are affecting the rig, the position of the hips and the bend of the knees. There is also a lot of compression on the spine and finally there are the clavicles which are arched forwards.”

He found that traditionally individual input was required to achieve better results, for example, manually keying hip position, adding pull to arms to bring clavicles forwards. He goes on to say “By using IKinema’s full body solver and the new stretch feature, this becomes less of an issue.”

Doubleday’s testing of 2.0 beta found StretchIK a time-saving addition. Scalable bones increased the look of his animation, and aided the solver for complex moves, “Our goal is to try and match what our actors do as closely as possible and IKinema takes us one step closer to achieving this.”

Enabling the user to perform direct changes to skeleton and animation assets within Maya’s viewport, Action provides a simplistic and manageable environment. Smooth and speedy integration are key ingredients to pull a studio to its feet, taking Audiomotion only a couple of weeks. Feeling like he’s just ‘scratching the surface’, the more Doubleday uses Action the more ideas are revealed, “I’ve recently being animating fingers using IKinema, and we’re looking to use it for real-time streaming from Vicon Blade.”

On comparisons between IKinema to other products, Doubleday comments, “We’ve used both Motionbuilder and Vicon Blade in the past but IKinema offers a lot more control and flexibility when it comes to full body solving. We’ll definitely offer it to our clients and continue to use it internally.”

Action 2 with StretchIK

StretchIK is a dynamic addition to Action’s interactive tool base. That’s right – now you can quickly and effortlessly scale bones within seconds! Married with IKinema’s powerful full-body solver, this complete tool returns flexibility and control back in the hands of the developer. Seriously boost your Maya toolset and look forward to:

• Spine and neck stretch during real-time marker solving
• Scale bones for extended limbs in seconds with feet remaining fixed
• Solve for fingers
• StretchIK is ideal for robot style rigs and cartoon characters
• Adjust skeleton for exact actor representation during marker solve
• Free up time spent on manual keying and manipulation

To celebrate we’re holding a Mad March offer to buy Action 2 at the v1 price. Get in quick before our new prices kick in on the 1st April!

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Check out IKinema website for more information

IKinema Technology
IKinema technology enables users to create and retarget data directly inside Maya, in real-time and for a fraction of the cost of alternative solutions. IKinema converts virtually any skeleton model to a full feature rig while generating fluid and life-like full-body animation for a wide range of characters. Retargeting can also be executed from other models, for rapid customizations of existing assets, or directly from motion capture data such as position markers and joint data. Additional features include real-time links to Vicon and Xsens motion capture systems for real-time streaming, retargeting and recording of data, as well as automatic balance and center of mass control for rapid animation.  For more information and a technology video, please visit: http://www.ikinema.com/Maya.html


About Audiomotion
Audiomotion Studios is the multi-award winning, UK motion capture studio. For 15 years Audiomotion has specialized in the provision of motion capture services to the game development, film and television industries. Their facility is equipped with 150 MX40 cameras, enabling the largest in-house capture area in Europe.

For more information visit www.audiomotion.com or call +44 (0) 870 1600 504 or email info@audiomotion.com


Recent credits include: Alan Wake, BRINK, WWZ, Killzone, Kinect Sports and Ghost Recon.

About IKinema
Based in the UK, IKinema™ uses patent-pending technology for fast full-body solving and animation. With customers ranging from Framestore’s London Studio to Twentieth Century Fox’s pre-visualization department, IKinema’s technology enables animators to rig characters and stream, record and retarget motion capture data in a fraction of the time and cost of alternative solutions. Available as game middleware, standalone software or an online solution, IKinema’s technology is poised to radically simplify the motion capture workflows for professional production studios and bring real-time motion editing within the reach of home users.

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