Connected Digital Economy Catapult to Accelerate Internet-enabled Innovation

The Technology Strategy Board is to set up a Catapult centre to accelerate innovation and growth by focusing on the connected digital economy, a growth sector accounting for £109bn of GVA.

The new Catapult will bring together expertise to help the UK’s world-leading digital businesses develop, test and apply new technologies, and create new profitable products and services in this fast-growing area. It will also help businesses which are traditionally less active in the digital market, helping them to exploit profitable new business models by exchanging knowledge and experience with industries which are leading.

Organisations who would like to be kept informed or who would like to be actively involved in the Connected Digital Economy Catapult should become a member of the Special Interest Group by subscribing here

This is the fifth Catapult to be identified and another milestone in the fast-paced programme to create the Catapults network.