Technology Strategy Board announces Connected Digital Economy Catapult; get involved!

Yesterday the Technology Strategy announced that it will establish a new Catapult for the digital economy.

The new Catapult is a technology and innovation centre which will accelerate innovation and stimulate growth in this important area of the economy. It will bring together technological expertise to help the UK’s world-leading digital businesses to develop, test and apply new technologies, reducing the risk associated with creating hugely profitable products and services in the future.

The Connected Digital Economy Catapult may focus on areas such as:

  • how digital media and content are distributed and used – in order to find sustainable ways to help businesses co-operate to create profitable value chains and services,
  •  the pervasiveness of digital services – addressing the impact of new technologies and systems such as cloud computing and identity management, as businesses and industries become more digital and interconnected, and
  • the blending of digital and physical worlds – looking at how objects such as cars, clothes, and consumer goods can become better connected, enhance our lives and create new business opportunities.

The Connected Digital Economy Catapult will also help businesses that traditionally are less active in the digital market place by transferring knowledge and experience from industries which are leading, such as the creative sectors. This will help a broad spectrum of UK business take advantage of digital technology and quickly exploit profitable new business models. The Catapult will also enable small and medium enterprises to collaborate with the wider digital value chain and showcase their products using state-of-the-art demonstrators that will be found at the Catapult.

The vision for this Catapult would not have been possible without the support and contribution from the Creative and Digital Industries and Future Internet communities. During our consultation process we engaged with over 400 organizations through 80 in-depth interviews, over 300 responses to online questionnaires from SMEs and universities, a workshop with 25 participants from multinationals with nearly $1t of combined revenue, 7 focussed roundtables, an oversubscribed open workshop with 90 participants, as well as countless 1:1 discussions and inputs. We would like to thank all of those who have contributed in one way or another, and look forward to continue the engagement on this exciting project.


Next steps

Over the next few months the Technology Strategy Board will be working with interested individuals, companies, research groups and key stakeholders to plan the establishment a Connected Digital Economy Catapult. We expect to publish a document in February detailing the vision, scope, ways to engage and the next steps for establishing the Catapult.


Get involved

You are strongly encouraged to join the new _connect group for the Digital Connected Economy at This will be the main forum for engagement and discussions with businesses and academics and other stakeholders interested in the establishment of this Catapult.

Stay informed!

Make sure you stay informed by following @Catapult_TSB or the public list we created for the Digital Connected Economy Catapult:!/Catapult_TSB/connected-digital-economy . Subscribers to the _connect group for the Digital Connected Economy will also be able to receive the Catapult newsletter.