Partnering For Innovation: Smart Energy, Games and Design Ideas Lab – 16 January 2012

Opportunity for designers and games developers to explore challenges around TSB Smart Power Distribution and Demand £2.4M competition.

How can designers and games developers help persuade people to manage and reduce energy consumption? This is one of the challenges contained in a new Technology Strategy Board competition on “Smart Power Distribution and Demand”.

The Technology Strategy Board is offering funding for feasibility studies as the exploratory phase of a four year programme to stimulate innovation in power distribution and the management of demand. The competition briefing paper suggests that there is a role for creative businesses in helping to develop ‘novel, demand side, consumer focused technologies’ in the field. It cites cognitive design and social gaming as relevant skillsets.

What would be the reality of building such a proposal? Is it feasible for games developers or GUI designers to work effectively with smart meter manufacturers, energy companies or other players in the power sector? What form might a joint project or feasibility study take? A multi-platform app on smart phones or tablets that talks to individual smart meters? A Sim City style game featuring real time data? A vertical application for smart meter data with gamers demonstrating real-world energy usage, related carbon emissions and efficiency? How can consumers be persuaded to change behaviour in ways that will make a real difference?

To explore the possibilities, Creative Industries KTN and the Pervasive Media Studio are hosting a ‘Partnering for Innovation’ event at the Watershed Media Centre in Bristol on 16 January 2012. It will bring together people from the games and design sectors with businesses and organisations in the energy supply chain to:

  • Network with other organisations
  • Gain an understanding of developments in Smart Energy space
  • Explore the themes for the competition and the potential role of creative businesses
  • Make contacts and discuss potential collaborations

If this is a challenge that interests you and you would like to take part in the event, please register your interest with