New ICT & Digital Strategies Event, 10th February

Following the publication of our Concept to Commercialization Strategy for Business Innovation in June 2011, the Technology Strategy Board has been engaged in a listening and consultation exercise to review and refresh its investment strategies. This has included revisiting the ICT and Digital strategies.

We would like to invite the technology community to an event in London (BIS Conference Centre) on 10th February, 2012 to share further detail on the strategy and to discuss how its implementation can best meet the needs of the community.

The event is run with the support of the ICT Knowledge Transfer Network.

Aim of the event

Participants will be able to:

  • Hear the latest thinking from the TSB on the evolving Digital and ICT strategies including the rationale for changes to the previous strategy
  • Understand how ‘Technology Inspired’ and ‘Challenge Led’ perspectives apply in different cases and the interplay between them
  • Identify pointers to successful implementation of the strategy to maximize the benefit from the TSB investment in this area
  • Understand the timescales and process for further input into the implementation plan of each of the strategies

The TSB teams who have involved in developing the strategies will be available to present and discuss their thinking.

Who should attend?

We welcome the participation of senior people and practitioners from businesses that are active in research and development in the Digital and ICT spaces.

We particularly welcome people who have been involved in our programmes and competitions in the past or those who have been involved in shaping the TSB strategy in this area over the last year.

Attendance will be limited to 80 people.


09:30     Arrival, registration and coffee

10:00     Welcome and introduction from the TSB

10:15     Presentation on the ICT and Digital Strategies

11:00     Breakouts/table discussions, identification of key questions and issues, areas for further thinking

12:00     Open discussion with TSB panel

12:30     LUNCH

13:15     How can we ensure successful implementation?

14:00     CONCLUDING Q&A

14:15     Next steps/how you can give further input

14:30     CLOSE
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